Thursday, 14 October 2010

Take 10 Challenge 3: Peacocks Dress

Time for another Take 10 challenge. This time, the kind people at Peacock's offered to send us a dress from the Pearl Lowe Collection at Peacocks. This is actually my first item from Peacocks, despite them actually being a really affordable store.

This dress is something I probably would have never picked up and was definitely the hardest Take10 Challenge I've had to do so far. The dress was quite baggy and long, and I'm used my dresses being fitted and short, so I enjoyed styling something different.

I undid the buttons at the top, to lower the neckline, as well as undoing the buttons on the long sleeves, so I could roll them up, above my elbows.
I then tied a silk belt around my waist, to give the dress more shape, and rolled the dress a bit above the belt to make it shorter. I finally paired it with cowboy boots.

Here's how all the Take 10 girls styled the dress.

 Sadly, Leia had to leave Take10 as she moved to Bangladesh, but we have a wonderful new addition in Nic, from Vint Junky.

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Once again, here are all the participants:

Jen from A Little Bird Told Me
MJ from Dreaming Spires & Old Car Tyres
Sherin from HiFashion
Vicki from Magpie Girl
Adele from Molto Curiosa
Saskia from Not Just Medical
Shini from Park & Cube
Sabine from Psynopsis
Nic from Vint Junky
Sarah from We Shop Therefore We Are

Sherin xx

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P.P.S. I was honored beyond words when one of my favourite bloggers, Jennifer, asked me to do a guest post. You can read it here.


Zel said...

i love how rich the color of the dress is! it works great with the cowboy boots too. Great job styling it, Sherin!

WeShop said...

I really like how you've shortened the length using the belt - you look fab! xx said...

Beautiful dress and color!




Sami said...

I like the colour... it really suits you! But I'm not a fan of the length either... I think only a super-tall girl could pull it off x

vint junky said...

It looks great on Sherin, the colour is perfect!
I'm more of a short skirt girl too, but i love it shortened with the belt


Cindy Whitehead said...

great look on you - so fun to see how you all styled same dress!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

You are too pretty, Sherin! The color of the dress looks gorgeous on you and I love that you paired it with some cowboy boots!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I absolutely LOVE that dress on you, Sherin - the color is perfection!! :)

glee said...

wow girl! This dress really steals my heart. It's so beautiful!

I've read your guest post and i've commented on it. lovely!

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Anonymous said...

You look slightly uncomfortable. lol :) Your so cute!!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a gorgeous color. Love seeing all the different style perspectives!

Haute World said...

Love the way you styled this - cinching the waist and shortening the length was a good call!

Anonymous said...

You know that feeling when it's time for your favourite magazine to hit the shelves? Well, I've started to get that about Project Take 10! I LOVE seeing the outfits each month.

This one is really great, the colour has suited everyone so much, and as you're all so different, that's no easy task.
I've never shopped at Peacocks before, so once again you guys have opened my eyes!

Love how you've altered the dress to your own requirements, and you look amazing, hon!

B a la Moda said...

I love this dress! Try it with a motorcycle jacket!

B* a la Moda

Unknown said...

I actually like this a lot. It's definitely one of my favourite of your take 10s. The colour looks great on you, and though I wouldn't have thought it was my style either I'm definitely reconsidering!

Clare said...

That dress is amazing on you. It is perfect for your color.

stylenuggets said...

The colour is so rich and looks great on you. And with the belt and boots, perfect

Style Eyes said...

Love the dress, the colour looks great on you. The outfits all look great too. It is amazing to see the same dress worn so many ways.

Stefani said...

Beautiful dress!Love how you styled it!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous dress, darling!
You look lovely!


SabinePsynopsis said...

The dress looks so cute on you, Sherin!

Anonymous said...

Love the colour of the dress, you're all doing a fab job of this Take 10 project :)

I used to get quite a few clothes from Peacocks whilst at Uni, spesh accessories. Very affordable! Think i might have to have a look at Pearl Lowes new stuff.


Reddest Roar said...

Love it with the belt - nice touch. and the colour looks fabulous on you!

Winnie said...

I like the way you styled it too. I would totally have to belt up the dress too since it looks super long!

Unknown said...

I know this dress is a bit different from what you normally wear but you look great Sherin! That color looks lovely on you!

Unknown said...

Oh and I love the expression on your face in the 1st photo! like you aren't quite sure about the outfit! hehehe... but you really do look pretty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress!

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love, love the color of this dress!

MJ said...

I love it on you - but you must have the skinniest arms EVER cos I tried to roll the sleeves up and it just wasn't happening!

Tanya said...

love the colour of the dress, you look lovely.

ana said...

You look awesome!! I love that color and your boots!!

Anonymous said...

SUCH a stunning dress and the color suits you so much.


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