Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sunday Lunch

I wore this to a family lunch on Sunday, at my aunts house. I usually don't dress up for family lunch's out of pure laziness, but I woke up on Sunday morning with the mission of making an effort.

Although it's a casual outfit, I personally quite liked it, especially since I put it together really quickly. I know it doesn't really go too well together, but I was proud. Not to mention, it was ridiculously comfortable (especially since I had to walk to my aunts house as my brother took my car!)

My hat is Aldo, Jeans are Hollister, Tee is H&M, Cardi is Fat Face and shoes are Vans (you can't see in the pictures, but they're purple).
I've had a side fringe for years, so haven't properly been able to see out of my left eye for years, hehe. I liked the fact that I put it in a hat, so that I could see out of both eyes for one!

Also, I've just realised that EVERY single piece of clothing I'm wearing is actually a sale item. I'm quite happy at that.

And what do you think of my necklace? Cute, isn't it. It was kindly sent over by Eclectic Eccentricity, a long with this lovely hairpiece. The necklace is called the 'Room For One More?' and opens up into 4 places to put photos. The Hair piece is called the 'Persphone Vintage Hair Comb'. I absolutely love both pieces.

What's your Sunday Lunch outfit usually like?

 Sherin xx


Laura said...

I love chilled out looks like that, sometimes you just want to feel relaxed but still want to look stylish. Love it! My usual Sunday lunch outfit (if just heading to my parents) thens to be skinny jeans, ankle boots, basic t shirt, hoody and then my leather hoody on top of that x

Jo said...

Love the hat. I am a jeans girl unless going out then if is summer a dress winter leggings boots and some nice top.

Annie Spandex said...

Cute!! I love berets.. :)

janettaylor said...

U look so adorable!


daisychain said...

what are the fit of hollister jeans like? I am in need of a decent pair and I've heard good things x

Soho500 said...

You look very relaxed and cute ! Not everyone can wear a hat. Love the hat on you!

Claire said...

Oh, kicky! You look good with your fringe up. I like the stripes vs stripes, too.

Tanvi said...

it does look RIDICULOUSLY comfortable! :) Love the head gear! Rudolf was it? ;)

Cindy Whitehead said...

love you in this look!! Especially the hat - all totally works. xo

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah Sherin you look absolutely adorable! My Sunday lunch outfit is typically leggings or skinny jeans, a slouchy top, and boots. It's like my uniform!! :P

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

thanks for entering my giveaway :) you suit hats so much, totally adorable x

Kristin said...

Love the darling beret! I need to wear mine more! My Sunday brunch is usually football game watchin' fare!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This is the cutest casual outfit ever!! I love your cardi and you in that hat is awesomeness!! xoxo

Robbie said...

Love chilled outfits like this, we all need dressed down days. Unfortunately I work at an up market shoe shop on sundays so it's work attire !
Thanks so much for your lovely comment, would love you to follow. You have a great blog, now following.

Tasha said...

You look great Sherin! I love that you put this outfit together so quickly! It turned out cute! And that necklace is really cute as well! I can't wait 2 c u wear that hairpin. I love it!

Clare said...

You look so so soo cool. I want that hat so badly!

Anonymous said...

Love the necklace. I have a hat like that too. :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

I love that stripey short jacket on you and the necklace is so pretty! You know how I love bling. ;)

Yes, it´s really nice wearing something that you like for half a price. That for me is money well spent. :)

Lemonzest said...

Hi sherin..
long time no se..
you looks so fabulous with that bolero..
love the shape of it..


Stéphanie said...

You're totally ADORABLE !

Anonymous said...

Loved the hat! And you are looking great!

fritha louise said...

Really cute outfit. The jeans look so comfy and I love the hat.
That locket is amazing, I've never seen one that has more than two photo spaces before!

PinkBow said...

you look so cute - & the jewellery is fab!!

Sami said...

I love the T-Shirt... Looking forward to seeing some winter fashion posts too! I need tips on layering plz!

Rachel said...

Nice outfit, Sherin! It's the perfect comfy, casual outfit for a Sunday.
That necklace is so pretty! I love how it opens up to fit four photos. Very cool!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely look, darling!


Anonymous said...

Pretty beanie <3

Anonymous said...

I love the hat! you look adorable.. loving those jeans too

Allison said...

Sherin, you are absolutely gorgeous! I love this outfit, your hair is always perfect (which I'm jealous of), and I love that you look fabulous even when dressing down :)

la petite fashionista said...

the hat is so cute on you! thats exactly the sort of accessory im looking for for fall. i love that you are comfy and stylish!

5amjetaime said...

casual chic! i absolutely adore this look!!! welcome to check our dresses giveaway for this week!!!

Winnie said...

I love it when I realise that some of the things I'm wearing were from sales. In fact, most of my favourite clothes were picked up from sales!

Harriet said...

I love all the mismatched stripes. My go-to sunday lunch outfit is probably a cute dress, beret and brogues!

Anonymous said...

I love casual looks like this and Sherin you have the most beautiful smile. x

Meream said...

Ahh you make loose jeans look so chic. I do not have the same skills, sadly.

ana said...

You look really nice! I love the warm hat and how you put together the hole outfit!!!
Weeelll all the week I dress kind of lazy for work... flats, black pants and a top... and on Sundays I put on clothes I usually don't wear for the office, skirts, colorful patterns... It's like my wear-something-risky-and-nice day

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