Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas

This is probably the first time in years, that I don't have Halloween plans. As I'm not worrying about costumes, I have a fellow blogger giving her top tips. I've had Bee guest post for me before, so I've got her again, discussing her favourite ideas.

In all of my days leading up to the day I bought my Halloween costume (I’m so excited to take pictures of it!) I had been going through a list of great ideas. Most of them had to do with movie characters and the fun I (or you) could have putting them together.
In that sense, they're pretty easy to accomplish if you have a few things lying around (or are easily purchased) and you don't mind making a teensy bit of an effort.
So for your viewing pleasure I give you (in my opinion) the Top  Movie Character Costumes (and their counter parts).

1. Morticia Addams. 

RIGHT? How could I not put one of my favourite characters of all time? Morticia is one of the most iconic Halloween features (along with her crazy clan of course). All you need for this costume is a skin tight black dress, long, straight black wig, alabaster skin and blood red lips. Spend your night delighting in torturing others and delivering half your conversations in french.
Bonus Points: Carry a bouquet of roses with the buds cut off and comment to how beautiful they are OR only dance the tango all night.
Partners In Crime: Friends dressed as the rest of the family; Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandma and special points for Thing.
Costumed Counterpart: Gomez Addams
Put your significant other in a well tailored suit, slicked back hair and a pencil-thin mustache and you’ll be the hottest (undead or otherwise) couple at the party.

2. Batgirl/Supergirl

Superhero costumes are always fun because it comes with a cape (which are SO in right now). Chose your favourite feminine hero and do it up right along with the knee high boots, mask (if required) and all American hands-on-hips pose all night long.
Bonus Points: Don't respond to your name all night. Go by your superhero name and if someone calls you differently tell them to not reveal your true identity.
Partners In Crime: Getting all your girls to dress as other superheroes obviously! Supergirl, Spidergirl, Mrs. Incredible....the list goes on.
Costumed Counterpart: Batman/Superman
How can he resist dressing up as his childhood hero? While he may be adverse to donning the requisite tights, his costume can be modified. Think regular clothes with a button up shirt that’s ripped open to display the chest monogram of his superhero.

3. Princess Leia

Okay, so we don't all have the guts to parade around in that iconic gold bikini but if you do and you have enough hair to pull off the cinnamon buns on either side, I say do it! Make it your own by wearing a gold lame bikini and tie a purple sash around your waist.
Bonus Points: Carry around a pair of handcuffs and tell people that you've been taken as a slave.
Partners In Crime: The good thing about the Star Wars movies is that there's no end to all the character possibilities, the guys in white, the golden guy, Darth Vader....the choices are endless.
Costumes Counterpart: Luke Skywalker
This will be a little risque to pull off if you and your counterpart insist on canoodaling all night (seeing as these two are brother and sister). But all your guy has to do is dress all in white, carry a lightsaber and claim that he's going to rescue you. Bonus points to him if he spends the end of the night with one of his hands hidden in his sleeve.

4. Cruella DeVille

Undoubtably my favourite Disney villian, this costume is a no-brainer to put together. Skin tight dress, cigarette holder, (faux) fur jacket and a black and white wig. Not to mention a supreme hatred of all things cute and cuddly.
Bonus Points: Find a black and white spotted furry jacket OR gore it up with some fake blood on you and say you just skinned your newest coat.
Partners In Crime:
Costumed Counterpart: A Dalmation
Trust me, Le Boyfriend was not amused when I proposed this costume. But since boys are always willing to go for the gross factor, tempt him into with with a 'Dead Dalmation' twist. Sure he's bespeckled with spots, but his neck is slashed and there's blood dripping from where Horace and Jasper clubbed him. On second thought, if he's so opposed to it, dress him in black as one of the two dog snatchers.

6. Tinkerbell

One of Disney's most beloved characters (and possibly its tiniest) Tink is a favourite on Halloween. A tiny green dress, blonde wig (cut in a pixie of course) and wings. Cap it off with green shoes and a handful of sparkles to throw at people and you've got a costume!
Bonus Points: Have a bell tied to your wrist and have that be the only form of communication you do all night.
Partners In Crime: Get your gaggle of girls to dress up as Wendy, the Mermaids or (personal favourite) Princess Tiger Lily.
Costumed Counterpart: Captain Hook
Even though Peter Pan might be the obvious choice here, he's a young boy...your date should be a man. And what's more fun than a guy with a hook for a hand. This costume doesn't have to be terribly over the top but a big pirate hat and a hook is absolutely required.

You can check out all 10 of Bee's costume ideas on her blog!

What's everyone else dressing up as??

Sherin xx


joei ♥ said...

Le boyfriend and I are dressing up as gladiators :D

definitely, maybe

Lima said...

Oof, this will be the first time i'll be doing somethin for halloween, ha! I'm gonna go basic and splatter blood all over my face and neck. heh xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I LOVE Morticia Addams! I literally dressed up as Wednesday Addams every single year as a child!! :P

Happy, Happy Halloween, Sherin!! :)

Unknown said...

Amazing choices! Morticia is awesome!

Tanvi said...

Interesting! I wish I was doing something for Halloween! :(

Unknown said...

big like!!


new post:follow me

Inner Belle said...

im going as me - that should be scary enough since i got a great big spot on my face right by nose :( Sad times lol

shopping store for women said...

I like all the Halloween costume, I like the costume of tinkerbel very much.

Unknown said...

I've been so out of the loop this past week! I'm just seeing this fun halloween costume ideas post! I think it would be fun to dress up as Bat Girl!

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