Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Guest Post: Fall Hosiery

Hi, everyone! It’s Kaleigh, from Every College Girl. Sherin has been nice enough to let me do a guest post here, so I picked my favourite fall obsession: hosiery! I’m kind of a hosiery addict. Every since I bought my first pair of heart-print, white knee-highs in ninth grade I knew I liked to mix up the typical sock style. Luckily for me (and all you fashion-forward fabulous girls) unique hosiery has been popping up over and over on the runways. Here are three style options for this fall, there’s something for everyone:


We’ve seen knee-highs before, and if you went to a school that required uniforms, you might even been cringing right now. However, this fall’s knee-highs stay chic and sassy by the way you pair them with the rest of the outfit. Stick to dark neutrals, like black, grey, and navy. Skirts should be short enough to show some leg between the top of the sock and the hem of the skirt, but not so short that you’re bordering on “sexy school girl” Hallowe’en costume. To further avoid a school-girl look, steer clear of skirts that are ruffled or pleated and, please, no plaid. Instead, a nice fitted skirt in a contrasting neutral like grey or camel (a hot colour this fall) will fit the bill. Or, mix it up with a pair of high-waisted structured shorts. Avoid collared or polo shirts on top and instead opt for a floaty vest and fitted tank. You can even pair them with a floral or solid dress with a detailed belt to cinch in the waist. By mixing up your basics with a pair of knee-highs, you can take your outfit to a whole new level for just a few dollars.

White Tights

Even though you’re skipping whites with the knee-highs, there’s plenty of room for white hosiery this fall. The key: pay a couple extra bucks to get a truly opaque pair, in order to avoid looking like you just missed getting a tan this summer. You can stick to basic nylons or, when the weather gets cooler, opt for a chunky, textured wool pair. Wear under a fitted sweater dress with a pair of killer boots to pull the whole look together. Stick to boots with brown or lighter tones, as black can be too starkly contrasted. Add a statement necklace for a little shine and interest. Mix it up with a leather jacket when the mercury really drops to add some extra texture and warmth.

Jacket, Boots, Dress, Necklace, Tights

Socks With Heels
No need to run out and buy a whole new sock drawer, you can use what you already have in a new way to keep up with hosiery trends this fall. The cutest way to rock heels this fall is with a geeky pair of dark socks. The secret is to keep it short, to avoid looking dated. Black is the best for a beginner, but if you’re more daring and have the confidence, you can start rocking beige, grey, even white. An open-toe heel can be in just about any colour for this look. I like feminine colours to downplay the menswear feel of this style. Pair with a pencil skirt, bandage skirt, or dress (pants hide the effect and shorts can be too boxy and masculine). Top with a bright, feminine blouse for a mix of J.Crew and street chic that’s the perfect blend for this fall.

Socks, Heels, Blouse, Skirt, Photos

What are your thoughts on these fall hosiery trends? Which are your favourites? How are you going to rock your socks this fall? Leave a comment and let us know, and don’t forget to check out Every College Girl for even more fashion, beauty, and college life articles.


Dressing Up For Me said...

I´d like to try that ¨socks with heels¨ look especially with open toed sandals.I think it would be perfect to keep my feet from sliding down because I have small feet. lol!

Style Eyes said...

I am loving the ankle socks with heels look and will definitely be wearing this for autumn

TMFA said...

I love the knee high socks!!

FashionJazz said...

Fabulous post- I love socks and heels! : )

OneCraftyFox said...

I luv knee high socks and my bfriend luvs when I wear them, lol!! I can't remember the last time I ever wore white tights, maybe I will give it a try, it's not much different from white leggings and I've worn those within the past two years. Now, the socks with heels thing... it's not my style but I recently saw another blogger pull it off. She looked fabulous :)

Tanvi said...

Loving the second look a lot. I like hosiery! It feels soft and cozy against the skin. Perfect for fall when it not too cold, YET! I love the thigh high socks too!!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Great guest post!!! and amazing tips.
I hope you're having a good day.

-The Trendy Fashionista

Cafe Fashionista said...

Personally, I'm eager to try white tights out for myself - tres Blair Waldorf!! :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awesome guest post! I am definitely going to be sporting the white tights and socks with heels looks this fall! :) Now I'm really excited for the weather to cool down. Hehe. :P

Zabrinah said...

This post is amazing and just what I need! I love it!

I'm addicted to hosiery too. I need some knee highs!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Unknown said...

great choices. love the red heels!

(new post: Turquoise dream & follow me)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to try the "socks with heels" trend as SOON as the weather cools down a bit...right now socks with sandals when it's 100+ degrees out is just out of hte question...

Nubiasnonsense said...

This is a awesome collage.. The knee highs are everywhere right now.. so are socks in general with heels

Frannie said...

Omg i love them all! especially the knee highs, this is actuALLY getting me excited for fall!

stylenuggets said...

Great post breaking down the trends right now. I've stuck to tights and leggings this winter

S said...

I bought a pair of white tights a month ago and have been wondering how to style them! Very useful post!


Lee Oliveira said...

You made those girls so happy now..
Great shoes selection and socks are grogeous

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i might try the heels with socks look when the weather here in PI gets a bit colder by BER months...this is a great post!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Isabel said...

i havent worn knee socks since my first year of not sure if ill try it now..reminds me too much of my school uniform LOL

Winnie said...

Omygosh, I am such a socks and tights girl. I love knee high socks and actually sometimes....I would wear them with ruffled skirts haha and probably would wear them with a pleated skirt if I had one (but man, those things are annoying to iron!) but you're right, it can definitely look a little schoolgirl-like!

Anonymous said...

Nice post;)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I think knee highs are a darling look! And I love that vest!

E said...

You're so right! All of these legwear trends totally mix of an outfit!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

I'm really loving the knee-highs and the socks with heels. Definitely looking forward to those for fall!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! I am so excited for tights and leggins for Fall..I am so sick of bare legs! haha

Miss Neira

Tanya said...

love the last outfit.

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