Monday, 19 July 2010

Triumph's Boob Camp

...written by Sherin

Ok, I so badly wanted to go to this event, but was out of the country when it took place :(. It did sound like such a cool thing that I thought I really have to post about it anyway.

Triumph have recently launched a new workout, that's aimed for the bust area. It is the first regime that's developed just for the Bust area.
In a recent survery, it was revealed that over 70% of UK women have concerns about their bust, and it was also revealed that nearly half of us would like to change our bust sizes.

This workout was developed just for Triumph by ex military instructors from 'No 1 Boot Camp' (a leading fitness camp) and sport music experts 'AudioFuel'. It targets the bust and the back, with a 30 minute session, which also combines audio instruction with energizing music, and a beat that matches the regime. You can download the music for free here.  The aim of the workout is to prevent sagging and avoid back pain.

To go with all this, Triumph have also engineered the Triumph Tri-Action bra, which offers specialised cushioning and has high performance fabrics which will keep you cool when you need it. Triumph have also launched their new Shape Sensation series, which is dedicated to celebrating, defining and enhancing natural curves, with sculpting lingerie.

Anyway, here's the regime in case you want to try it out for yourselves (which I will certainly be doing).


• Start by rotating your head in small circles to warm up your neck muscles. Look left, look up, look right, and now down. And repeat, left, up, right, down.

• Warm up the shoulder muscles. Stand with feet slightly apart, your arms straight out to your sides, palms facing forward with thumbs up. Make small circular movements with your arms going in the forward direction. Now make the circles bigger and extend the circle as large as you can go. Repeat but rotating the arms to make the circles in a backwards direction.

• Stand up straight, feet slightly apart. Put your arms behind your back, clasp your hands together, palms facing outward behind your back. Keeping your shoulders down, pull your clasped hands up towards your shoulders. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds. You should feel a good stretch at the front of your chest and shoulders.


• Use two low weight dumbbells of around 3 kilos. If you don’t have dumbbells try using a couple of half litre water bottles.

• Lie down, keeping both legs bent slightly, feet and back flat on the floor. Holding the weights in each hand, hold your arms straight up in the air in front of your chest, side by side, knuckles facing towards your face, fingers facing towards your toes. Bring the weights down and out towards the ground in a slow controlled movement, while your elbows bend out the side at right angles to your body, lowering your elbows until they are at ground level. Your elbows should now be just below chest height. Push the weights back up and away from you but without locking your elbows.

• Do 3 sets of 15 reps. Keep building up the number of reps each time you do the routine.


• This exercise is designed to build your chest muscles. Use a light weight to avoid added pressure on the shoulders.

• Lie down on your back. Both legs slightly bent with feet flat on the floor. Holding your dumbbells, and keeping your arms slightly bent at the elbow, extend your arms straight out above your body so that the dumbbells meet in the middle, knuckles facing away, fingers facing in. This is your starting position.

• Slowly lower your arms, keeping a slight bend at the elbow, away from each other towards the ground in a wide arc until there is a full and comfortable stretch in the chest and shoulder area. Breathe in as you make the movement. Hold the stretch for 5 counts. Return your arms back to the starting position breathing out as you do so.

• Do 3 sets of 15 reps. Keep building up the number of reps each time you do the routine.


• This exercise strengthens the chest muscles.

• Lie flat on the floor, legs bent, feet flat on the floor. Hold one of the dumbbells by putting each hand either side of the middle bit of the weight, so that your palms are against the underside of top plate.

• Push the dumbbell away from you in front of your chest with your elbows slightly bent. This is the starting position. As you breathe in, slowly take the dumbbell over your head and lower it back down towards the ground. Elbows bent at all times. Keep the motion going until you get the full limit and then hold that stretch and breathe out. Now take the dumbbell back over your head until you reach to the starting position.

• Do 3 sets of 15 reps.


• For shoulder and core stability as well as exercising the chest and tricep muscles. Do what you can and keep increasing the amount you do each time you go through the routine.

• Start in the classic push up position. Feet slightly apart, toes curled under keeping your lower body off the ground, body parallel to the ground, arms straight out but not locked underneath you, palms of hands placed on the ground just beneath your shoulders. You can put your knees on the ground to make it easier.

• Let your arms bend outwards as you press down to the ground, and as you push up away from the ground, rotate your body over onto your side so while your left arm straightens, your right arm lifts up in the air at 180 degrees from the ground above you. Return to the starting position, both arms bend to let the body press down to the ground, and as you press up rotate to the left and put your left arm straight up into the air.

• Do 3 sets of 4 reps


• This exercise will work your chest and shoulder muscles through a different range of movement and help create good all-round upper body strength.

• Adopt the classic push up position as before. Knees on the ground if you need to make it a bit easier. Place your palms of your hands further out on each side so that they are wider than shoulder width. Ideally twice shoulder width. Now lower your body, elbows out to the side, till your chest is just off the ground but no lower than 2 inches off the ground. Avoid arching your back or lifting your bottom in the air. Keep it smooth and controlled.

• Do 3 sets of 4 reps.

If you try this workout out, let me know how you find it and I'll keep you updated on how I get on as well.

Sherin xx


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, sounds like a great event, but I really can't face doing a workout - I'm sooo lazy! I really wanna hear if it works though.


Unknown said...

oooh i shall have to give this a try x

Imogen said...

This sounds like a good event and its a shame you missed it. I wish I had more motivation to exercise!

Meream said...

These will make my puny boobies look better? Hmmm...I am bookmarket ;-)

Amy Acorn said...

book marked! hopefully i can give this a go! x

ellie said...

wow, now if I knew where my dumb bells were.

Couture Carrie said...

Fab post, darling!
Will have to try some of these!


Sami said...

This sounds like fun! I think I might try it... but knowing me i'll get fed up after the second day!

Sami xx

michelle_ said...

seems like an awesome exercisee !!

Tanvi said...

I might give it a shot! :P

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! sounds quite interesting actually! not too sure if I want to change my cup size but let me know how it works!

>Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a necklace from Jack & Ginger!

Miss Neira

Anonymous said...

Nice post;)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Thanks for posting this, Sherin! I badly needed an exercise, any kind because I´m getting really more rounded. hahaha!

Happy Monday!

PS: The new Burberry bag designed for Isabella is gorgeous!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Such a cool event, I want to tone up so BAD!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I will definitely be trying this out for myself. Great post, Sherin!! :)

WeShop said...

Sounds like a good workout, but swimming is as far as I go with excercise! xx

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm soooo lazy but really wanna motivate myself to do these workouts. One of my biggest frights in life is getting sagging boobs before I'm 40! Lol.

I hope you will keep us updated if these workouts actually work. I'll be curious to know! :)

Great post. xoxo!

dotie said...

I usually have back pains now and then..
so I think I might actually give it a try..thanks for sharing this :)

eclectic du jour

Clare said...

Girl this is awesome. I need to tone up something fierce. My muscles are like jelly.

la petite fashionista said...

haha a boob workout! this is awesome; i'd like to see how it works! i might have to try it haah

Unknown said...

sounds like a good workout! you will have to keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

great post, thaxx for sharing sherin..

FashionJazz said...

Sounds like a fabulous event! Loved your post hun! Have a good day xx

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