Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday Specials: 25/07/2010

We have a big one for you this week!!

First, I was at a very interesting event last week. Snapfish gave us a sneak peek at some of their Christmas Goodies, during a 'Christmas in July' event. They have a lot of really cool stuff, which I got to check out and I'm officially hooked. They focus on photo printing in new and unique ways, so they have photoboooks, mugs, keyrings etc, and I also got to play around with the programme and it's so much fun as well as easy. You can seriously be so creative with it. The photobooks, in particular, are pretty cool and remarkable affordable. I think they'd make a great present for a birthday, or even Christmas. I'm always stumped for what to get people, and something sentimental is always cherished. And for any aspiring models out there: they're brilliant for portfolios. Check it out here.
And, we also got a pretty memorable talk from children's author: Nicholas Allen. He started off with a magic trick, that had us all completely captivated. He then went on to give some pretty amazing tips for any of you who want to write childrens books, or write books in general. So here they are:
  • Draw an interesting, arresting image and start from that. Let you imagination go wild with art, and then write.
  • Get your title first, then do the front cover and the blurb. Then ask yourself if you would pick up the book in a shop.
  • Sit in a room with a pen, paper and coffee. Don't do anything. You'll get so bored that you'll start writing.

And now here are some pretty cool companies that we've recently discovered.

Dead Heroes Clothing:
Ok, I had love at first sight when I saw this company. They have just launched their first collection and it's amazing. The design aesthetic is rooted in pop art culture, as well as streetwear, comic art and punk. And the even more amazing thing is that one of the founders is Mike from Lostprophets: you know the clothes are going to be awesome just because of that. And if that wasn't enough, one of my current favourite bands, Young Guns (who I saw last week and they rocked, but more about that later this week) are huge fans of theirs.
Seriously: aren't the t-shirts amazing! I've already bought one and can't wait to buy more. You can check out the collection here.

Murano Glass Jewellery:

Murano is a company that focuses on gorgeous glass pieces, and jewellery in particular.The jewellery is really elegant and really fun.
Each piece is handcrafted and so no two pieces are alike. Everything from the collection stands out, like a unique piece of art, and are made from individual pieces of Murano glass. Just look at how pretty these are:

Tokyo Jane:
Tokio Jane is another really cool jewellery company. The jewellery is meant to represent a dynamic, stylish and fun side to every girl. There are pieces for every mood and to spice up any outfit. Everything is very glamorous and original.



Let me know what you're upto this weekend! Theres another BBQ at Sherin's, to celebrate her bithday (which is tomorrow: Eeeep: turning 22!!)



Zabrinah said...

Great post and great advice!! I really enjoyed reading this one.


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sherin! I'm working all weekend, but as work involves flipping through glossy magazines I don't mind so much!

FashionJazz said...

Happy birthday to sherin : ) Loved your post hun! xx

Jen said...

Oooh, what a great selection of lovely things! I LOVE the advice from Nicholas Allen. He makes writing a book sound so easy! x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday darling. Have a brilliant day. xxx

Mirka said...

definitely have check tokyo jane out! thanks for the tip x

St├ęphanie said...

Just a fabulous post !

Clare said...

Omgah happy early birthday! Wooot. Amazing post as usual! xo

Cafe Fashionista said...

Happy, Happy Almost Birthday, Sherin! :)

toutalamode said...

happy birthday sherin!

stylenuggets said...

Love the cool collection you've rounded up. Checking out the Murano jewellery now

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That Tokyo Jane jewelry looks SO fun!

Stephanie said...

Happy Pre Birthday! The jewlery looks fabulous!

Stephanie said...

I really love Murano glass... :) said...

Happy Bday, my dear!

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