Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fashion books: Yay or Nay?

...written by Leia

Are you the kind of person that wants to read about how to dress? Do you own Nina Garcia's The Little Black Book of Style or perhaps Victoria Beckham's That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between?

I've never really seen the appeal of books that teach you how to dress. I think that style is so very personal, and no one can really tell you what will make you look and feel good. Even though I have never read one of these books, I feel that they all tell you to load up on "basics" that supposedly suit everyone - a little black dress; a string of pearls; a pair of black pumps; a well-fitting pair of jeans; a white button-up shirt. But what if you don't look good in black? What if white button-ups make you look like a little girl playing dress up? What if you can't stand pearls? I think everyone's personality is unique and individual, and this should be reflected in your style. I don't think style is something you can learn from a book: it comes out of experimentation and trial and error.

So, my opinion: no one can tell you how to dress. But what do YOU think? Do you own a book on style? Has it helped you? The only thing that I would perhaps consider purchasing, when it comes to fashion-related books, is something with lots of pretty pictures in it, such as Bott's Chanel: Collections and Creations, as a coffee-table book. 


Stephanie said...

Nina Garcia's book is on my summer reading list so I'm waiting to check it out...I agree that style is personal and can only be achieved by trial and error! however I also like to read the tips provided to know what to be conscious of when shopping for quality items as well as the advice they offer..I do think that they make great coffee table books as well!


Tanvi said...

I do not own any and neither do I think I ever will! I am too rebellious to listen to anyone :P

Jane82 said...

I also think that general advice can't be given, especially for colors. Being an autumn color type, I look absolutely peaky in black & white, so a black little dress and a white blouse are no "must-have" but an "must not have" ;-).

Better advice books are the ones about color types and body types, but I still think they just give a frame of what looks best on you (me being a pear body type, I just look ridiculous in leggins). In my opinion it is best to know the colours and shapes that flatter you and to experiment within these ranges.

Lee Oliveira said...

I got Nina Garcia's one and i think its Fabulous.
Now.. i am waiting for my Coco Chanel one to arrive on the mail.

Great post.

Adele said...

Only fashion book I ever read was one by Victoria Beckham, was a while ago but think it was quite interesting!

- Adele

Harriet said...

I'm nopt a fan of 'how to dress' books. They're always so prescriptive, even ones by authors I like just give me their opinions and little else. I love books of fashion photos, and books about the history of fashion though, that's a whole different story!

Amy said...

i prefer them more as 'coffee table books' x

WeShop said...

I quite enjoy these books just because I love anything fashion related. My fave is a book called Elegance, can't remember who by (Kathleen Tessaro or something like that) but it's a work of fiction. Great read. xx

Style Eyes said...

I have loads of books about fashion and lots of other stuff. Unfortunately I rarely get time to read them these days and I seem to make a habit of breaking all the rules that they give.

Fashion-rocks said...

I don't own any fashion books, I don't really enjoy reading books so I'm more of a nay.

Mrs. April said...

I like to flip through things for inspiration, but I agree that no one can tell you how to dress. Everyone looks different. I do think that there are always those BASIC THINGS everyone should know and own (i.e. the classic little black dress), but reading an entire book trying to absord someone else's philosophy/look doesn't work.

COCOVANA said...

I have not read any style books, but I may read one to see what its about and the suthor has to say. But I agree that style is very personal!

xoxo anna

FashionJazz said...

I agree with you,I love collecting fashion and style books though, like i love collecting shoes : )

Sovina said...

though i haven't read any but i would surely love to..whenever i have time..i browsed through "who what wear" once and quite like it..i agree that the style is personal but these books definitely broaden one's horizon..

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