Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bloom Review

...written by Sherin

About a week ago, I was sent some make up to review, from Superdrug. It was make-up from a company called 'Bloom'. I haven't heard of this brand before, so was keen to try it out.
First a bit of background: Bloom started in 1993, when Natalie Bloom stated sselling homemade products, such as greeting cards. She used natural ingredients and great packaging and her company grew.

Gradual Face Tan
This is a nice subtle tan moisturiser, that allows you to control the pace of building a subtle tan. It also is SPF 15, which is good for this weather. Now, I don't really want a tan, so I used this as a moisturiser instead. It smelt quite nice and really did make my face soft. It is definitely very subtle and pretty perfect if you want a tan that's not too obvious.

This lipstick is said to be made with Jojoba, Beeswax, Mandarin and Vanilla and I have to admit that this was definitely my favourite thing from Bloom. I'm quite snobby with my lipsticks: I only have a few and they're from the same companies. This colour is slightly more pink than I 'm used to, but I absolutely loved it. The colour was sutle and it looked great. It also lasted for quite some time. I would definitely recommend this lipstick! It also smells divine.

Lip Definer
Another really good product. I'm not a huge lip liner wearer, but was impressed by this. The colour was quite vibrant and was really really long lasting. With most lip liners, I find that I have to be quite hard when putting it on, to get the colour onto my lips, but this one made it easy. This is pretty much a perfect lip liner.

Shadow Liner
The brush, as you can see, has a unique shape, that's supposed to make it easier to apply. It is basically like a solid eyeshadow and I think it's a relatively good concept. Instead of taking an eyeshadow (that can spill) and a brush when you go out, you can just take this eyeshadow stick. Unfortunately, the execution of the product wasn't great. The shape of the brush did make it easy to apply, but the colour (soft taupe) was a bit dull, making it quite hard to put on. And it wasn't really long lasting. It came off pretty quickly and I had to reapply a lot throughout the day.

I had heard a not so good review about the Mascara, so was a bit aprehensive to try it out. It was actually quite good. It definitely defined my eyelashes and gave it a nice and subtle look, as well as being long wearing. It did clump a bit on my left eye, but it was easy to fix and it kept well till the end of the day. Although, probably not worth the £11, it's still is a pretty decent product.

Overall, I think Bloom make up is relatively good. The packaging is very cute and the lip stuff is excellent! Seriously, that lipstick is brilliant. The eye shadow let it down a bit, but everything else was good.

My blogger friend, Fritha, has a more in depth review, which you can check out here.

Have you tried Bloom Make up? If so, what did you think of it?

Sherin xx


Annie Spandex said...

I'm curious to try shadow liner..

glee said...

I badly need replacement of rmy make up kit and cosmetics. Godd to hear about this product. :)

Giovanna said...

Thanks for sharing dear! Have a great weekend :)
Boho Market by Giovanna

Anonymous said...

So great;)

Audrey Allure said...

Such cute packaging!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've never tried Bloom Make-Up before; but I LOVE the packaging! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello girl, I'm visiting you again using my shoe blog. It's Gleenn. I've linked you at Shoe Fetish . Please be so dear and link me back. Thank you. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fab reviews, darling!


Stephanie said...

I am dying to try the Bloom product. Sounds fabulous!!

Winnie said...

I've seen the make up range but it's never really appealed to me. Might give it a second glance now that you've reviewed them now!

Thanks for your answers on my blog Sherin! They are such an interesting read!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I've used bloom make-up before, but mainly just the lip glosses - I found them to be pretty good, if not a little darker that what they would appear.

Rachel said...

I WANT that lipstick! I must try some of this lipstick...

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