Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday Specials: 13/06/2010

Last week, Lily Cole launched Gatwick Runway Models, in Association with Storm Model Management. They are looking for one male and one female model to model with storm and walk the runway at London Gatwick Fashion Week.
They are some great backstage videos that you can check out, and they have an exclusive interview with Lily Cole, as well as hair and make up tips. You can check them out here.

We know that trends come and go, some undeservingly, keep coming back, while others, undeservingly, disappear without a trace. We found this article about trends that need to make a comeback! What do you think? I would love for chic crop tops and skorts to come back into fashion.

I (Sherin) also just became part of the Anna Lou Crew (exciting stuff!). Anyway, I'm given a 20% discount code to share with whoever I want, so I'm sharing it with all of you. The code is 'annaloucrewsmalick'.

Remember the Miele event Sherin went to a few months ago? Well, they're running a fab new competition right now. At the event, we saw the following dress, and it was designed by Nathan Jones, the winner of the 2009 Miele Fashion Prize.

Well, 2010's comptition has officially started. So if you think you're creative enough (or even if you have a basic idea), why not enter? All you have to do is design a dress that reflects on Miele's laundry machines (For example, Nathan Jones's honeycomb idea was inspired by the machine's honeycomb drum).
The winner will get £1000 worth of Miele appliances and will have the dress made for them by Jasper Garvida to be displayed in his latest collection.
You don't need to design anything to complicated; all it needs to be is a basic drawing. Click here for more information. This competition runs until the 31st of July.

Also, don't forget to enter our newest giveaway!

Have a fabulous Sunday. Theres a BBQ at Sherin's house, and you're all more than welcome to come!


P.S. For all you who follow Sherin in Twitter: sorry: might have gotten slightly excited on Twitter last night with the Football. It will actually be 6 weeks of this from me.


Stephanie said...

Lily Cole is one of my favorite models, glad to hear she is trying to give the opportunity to model to two other hopefuls!


Nina said...

Your message helped me through a very rough patch ... thank you so much!

I miss you and your blog!

joei ♥ said...

ooohhh another giveaway! i'll check it out :)


The Trendy Fashionista said...

Great Sunday specials. Thanks for sharing

-The Trendy Fashionista

Style Eyes said...

Loving your Sunday Specials, thanks.

I too enjoyed the football although hoping future games might be a bit more exciting.

Anonymous said...

I agree, some of those trends should definitely come back, I love suspenders a lot!

Kaye said...

I definitely think leotards have come back (AA has those cute lace ones!), and I would love for crop tops to come back in full force. I have like, 4 in my closet hahah


WeShop said...

Thanks for the Anna Lou code. xx

Unknown said...

Ooh, I would love pillbox hats to come back! How amazing would it be to walk round london and see everyone wearing hats again?!

Anna Jane said...

Awh I like Lily Cole, she seems fairly level-headed and I love the fact that she manages to study so hard yet do such modelling work at the same time. Inspiring. I just wished I still worked at Gatwick and not at Heathrow this Summer!

- Anna Jane xxx

Clare said...

Omgah those trends are awesome! Especially adorable pill box hats. Have fun at your BBQ!!

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