Friday, 11 June 2010

Blogger Credibility

...written by Sherin

Thought I'd do another vlog, this time on the more serious subject of blogger credibility and integrity.

Things I'm sorry for:
The random faces I make: Turns out I do that A LOT in everyday life;
The confused look I made at one point: my new favourite song (The Gaslight Anthem's 'American Slang') came on and I was thinking whether or not should start singing;
The black blotch on my hand: stamp from the night before that I haven't managed to get off my hand yet;
Unwashed hair;
Tired eyes

I would love to hear everyone's opinions on this subject by the way, so please let me know about what you think about blogger credibility!

Sherin xx

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Amy CT said...

I think you're spot on about all of this.

- Amy xo

Kaye said...

Great vlog. I completely agree with everything you said :]

Dressing Up For Me said...

The vlog turned out great because you acted so natural. :)

I haven´t been sent something for review yet and so I don´t have a say on that matter but when the time comes, I´d be honest as possible.

Harriet said...

This is such an interesting topic. I actually get more annoyed when you know via twitter or whatever that bloggers go to events, and then they don't post about it! I'm like 'it sounds so cool, I want to hear details!' although obviously blogs that become all about brands are pretty annoying too, so it's got to be a balance.

I'm (obviously!) pretty happy for bloggers to get things/invites as long as they disclose them, the only thing I don't really like is sponsored posts because I read blogs mainly because of the bloggers and for their opinions, so I tend to skip over sponsored posts because that's not what I'm there for.

Winnie said...

Ah great topic! I think you have to be careful with freebies and to only accept things you're truly interested in. No one likes posts after post of freebie reviews!

I too love events, I don't really go to that many but I always make sure I cover them!

Tanvi said...

I absolutely share Harriet's opinion. I wanna say the same thing! :) ... Invites to events and reviews are all cool as long as honest. Reader are not stupid ... everyone can read thru an honest or dishonest reviews always! ... You guys are doing well. Nothing to worry about here!

mel said...

good post! i so agree with you hey:)

Couture Carrie said...

Darling, don't be sorry about any of this ~ you are gorgeous!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Honestly, I think that, to maintain credibility, bloggers should only write about items that they are truly interested in. I receive loads of offers everyday for things that would not appeal to me and/or my readers; therefore, I ignore them.

The moment you start allowing companies to dictate what you write about on your blog is the moment your blog becomes someone else's. :/

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I agree with Cafe Fashionista and Harriet. Have a gorgeous weekend;-)

Rachel said...

Great vlog, Sherin!

I have to agree with Erika (Cafe Fashionista). I think it's so much better for bloggers to write about things they're interested in. It's much more credible that way. I don't want to read something that sounds like a person only wrote it to make some company sound good.

As Erika said, you cannot allow companies to dictate your blog. It's important to be yourself and be honest with readers.

Kristin said...

You are so CUTE. I would never right a false review and I'm E and R...Meg and I will only do reviews or giveaways with products we truly like!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I agree you are adorable =) have a great weekend

Sarah M said...

I do not doubt u and leia's blogging credibility at both are are such great role models for many women and i support everything you ladies choose to do :)

Ps. girl stop puttinf yourself down! u do not have tired eyes and ur hair looks fabulous!:)

-Sarah M

MJ said...

I've written about this in the past - I'm still not sure what side of this argument I fall. I agree with you on the 'getting something back' front, and I don't think that it's a problem if it's not too much (and you guys certainly don't do it too much), but I'm not sure about your point about magazines not writing bad things. Surely that's why blogs are better than magazines - because they CAN write bad things if they want? Magazines are essentially finanaced and run by advertisers...

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww you're adorable!! And you have a lovely accent. :)

I think your blog is very credible and as a journalist, I have never been concerned about your lack of "bad reviews." I have never done a review, but if I did have to review a product I ended up not liking, I would probably just write the review as politely as possible. Plus, something that's not right or enjoyable for the reviewer might be the opposite for someone else. That would be good to put in a not-so-good review! I think there are tactful ways to be honest...although it's tricky...sigh. Such a complicated subject!

Anyway, I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend. xoxo!

Anonymous said...

I want to see your spot! lol Liked your Vlog very much. Moymun xx

la petite fashionista said...

veryyy interesting vlog and I really do agree with everything you said! Since we don't get paid to blog (vs. journalists) the freebies can be very nice! But I would never write something positive about a product I didnt like (i'd rather tell the company they'd rather me not write about it if its going to be negative). I usually only choose products I think Ill enjoy in the first place!

Tasha said...

Sherin I think it was great for u to tackle this subject and share ur views with all of us! I think you did an amazing job approaching the topic of blogger creditibility and intregrity! I've always viewed Hifashion as an honest blog with real opinions on reviews and press events and such. I've never gotten the idea that u two are dishonest or easily persuaded by free stuff. Hifashion has something special about it that makes it stand out from a lot of blogs and that obviously has to do with how u and Leia carry yourselves! : )

toutalamode said...

great vlog! it's a tricky blog or not to blog? your readers want you to be honest about product reviews and I'm glad that you made that clear. I enjoyed the way you said "i just won't blog about them" when your referred to the ones that you weren't a fan of. great job!

haha- "i'm not going to write about windows or something." lol

WeShop said...

I agree with what you've said here - as long as bloggers are open and honest there shouldn't be a problem. xx

D e g a i n e said...

You are SO funny! I laughed reading about the part where you stopped to debate singing the song and on the video when you forgot your glasses, sick blog! Completely agree about what you said in your video too.

Anonymous said...

Firstly you are THE most annoying person in the entire world but I must say that I admire your confidence which by the way I have no idea where you get from.

You talk about credibility when we ALL know you get free stuff all the time and ONLY write good reviews. COME ON, we are bloggers we know what you are doing.

Seriously, get a job and a life outside the blog world.

And get yourself some lipstick to cover those black purple lips.

I've never in my life felt the need to write a mean comment till today but you are so embarrassing that I might have to cry. I have just one question: is anything you wear actually bought by you or is everything given to you for free? Considering that, do you have your own fashion sense at all??

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