Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday Specials: 16/5/10

Firstly, we have a few discount codes for you:

VivaLaDiva is offering free delivery to new customers. The code is QCKK1 and the offer ends on the 17th May 2010.

Purefootwear is offering 10% off full price items. The code is EZ16 and the offer expired on the 28th May 2010.

ASOS is offering free delivery with all orders over £75, with the code: STANDARD and this expires on the 31st May 2010. is offering 10% off all orders, as well as free delivery, with the code RHTP, and this expired on the 31st May 2010.

Boden is offering 12% off, plus free P&P, and a free scarf to new customers, with the code: LN8T, and this expires on the 6th June 2010.

The following codes expire at midnight tonight so act quickly!

New Look

£10 off when you spend £60

Code: BBKMAY10

Expires: 16th May 2010


20% off all orders


Expires: 16th May 2010

For more discount codes, check out Discount Coder.

Excellent post on being fashionable over at Flying Saucer.

Luinae tagged us to share a few things about ourselves:


- List three things you would want on a desert island if there was food and water

Leia: A very long book; a camera (to document the wildlife and scenery that would probably be quite interesting, don't you think?); a friend (so as not to get too bored).

Sherin: A ball (there are so many ball games to keep yourself from going crazy), A knife (to cut vines and help with making food/shelter), Ocean Sea spray for my hair (on a desert island, that would be heaven for my hair).

- Five favourite novels of all time

Leia: Really tough one! Perhaps: Jane Eyre; Little Women;

Sherin: Catch-22; Madame Bovary; Raise High the Roof Beams Carpenter; The Picture of Dorian Gray; David Copperfield

- Tag 3 other bloggers

Sherin: Tasha (The Hot Spot), Amy (COaFE), Claire (My Illustrated Life)

Leia: A few of my favorite UK bloggers (that Sherin hasn't already tagged!): Florrie, Polka Dot Rach, and the Frills n Spills girls

Also, we've found out the My-Wardrobe have some great new stuff! Kurt Geiger have just landed instore, with some amazing styles. They have a line of clogs, but what I'm really loving are these Sandbank shoes.

The Mulberry Alexa Bag is back in stock as well. If it was cheaper, I'd definitely buy it!

Have a nice Sunday, everyone!


Stephanie said...

Leia: I would also bring a long book, probably the Harry Potter books since they've always kept me entertained

Sherin: A knife to cut vines is so smart of you and Ocean Sea spray is also very wise!

Loved all your answers :)


PinkBow said...

good to find out more about you both :)

Rachel said...

I LOVE those Kurt Geiger boots! But I am having a bit of a love affair with Kurt Geiger...

And I wish I was a new Boden customer, and I hadn't been wearing Mini/Boden then Boden since I was seven!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the discount and the fab post! Corinne x

Harriet said...

Fantastic favourite book choices! I loved Madame Book Choices and my copy of Little Women pretty much lived in my hands when I was younger - it's so creased now!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...


Claire said...

Thanks for the tag, Sherin!

(And I know I say it every time, but YEAH! Catch 22!)

Kayleigh Ann said...

those boots are sooooo lovely. may have to break the piggy bank for them! P.S fab blog! ♥

Hope you get a chance to visit my blog @ Kayleigh Ann Style Blog
Plus I just started a competition for a Topshop voucher and mystery prize!... Please enter 
Topshop Competition!

Kayleigh Ann xoxo

Style Eyes said...

Thanks for the discount codes- I love Oli, Boden and ASOS!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Great discount codes you post - and I love the boots! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment (-: Happy Sunday!

Dolly otherwise known as Jasmine. said...

I am really looking forward to getting back into reading in the summer that was my goal/new year's resolution!

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for all the fab discount coded, darling!


Clare said...

Great post! Thanks for all the codes AND i just love that you read! Be sure to share more of your favorite book titles so I can go buy them too

Sarah said...

Oooooooh, thanks for the codes! Will have a look on ASOS now (any excuse!). xx

Dressing Up For Me said...

Will a laptop with unlimited battery life and free WiFi also do? ;)

Hope your having a fab Sunday, girls! :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Cool boots! Very Vivienne Westwood.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely on the government front! I voted Labour and like you, was Pro-Lib Dem until Clegg sided with Cameron.

And thanks for the Graze Boxes idea, I shall go and check them out. xxx

S.Elisabeth said...

Love the links! And the tag. I LOVE Little Women and Jane Eyre!

E said...

Oh these sales are going to be dangerous if they apply to US shoppers!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Thanks for sharing!! always nice to know about sales

Cafe Fashionista said...

If the Mulberry Alexa Bag was cheaper I would buy it, as well. I so covet that bag right now!! :)

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