Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My favourite Fashion Era's

...written by Sherin

As you're reading this, I am probably stuffing envelopes or out canvassing. With the election tomorrow, I know I'm completely MIA and I really am sorry for being so absent from the blogisphere. In the meantime, I'll leave you with my 2 favourite fashion eras'.

1) 1920's

My favourite fashion era of all time has to be the 1920's. It was a very important time for women, especially in Britain. Women had only just got the vote, and were enjoying a new found independence. They played an active role in the workforce during the First World War, and were not about to let all that freedom go.
Women became more liberated mentally, and so their clothes became more liberated and more comfortable. What I love about these women was theat they were free and refused to be as constrained as their mothers.

The main look of the roaring 1920's was the Flapper look, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with. I absolutely love the flapper style: flappers were confident and independent women, who redefined how women were viewed. They were a new breed of young women, who redefined the role of women forever. The average flapper had short hemlines, short bobbed hair and wore shapeless dresses, which showed flat chests. and had less 'acceptable' behaviour, by going out, drinking and smoking.

The flapper look also decreased the class boundaries that existed. It was an easy look to pull off, and many women made their own dresses at home. It was something that ordinary women could wear as well as something that richer women could wear.

The clothes were meant to provide a looser, more manly, silhouette for women. The fit was shapeless and the bust was compressed, with the waist look disappeared. Hemlines were getting shorter, and started rising up to above the knee. Dresses were more low waisted, meaning that they were able to dance more easily.

Women also adopted male mannerisms during this time. They smoked cigarettes, with long holders, drank and danced. They were rebellious and spirited. The more male look was also referrred to as 'garconne' (french for little boy), and women often tried to flatten their chests with stips of cloth.

Hair was also cut really short, into boyish styles, to go with the rest of the image, with the bopped cut being the most popular.
Before the 1920's, only 'loose' women wore make up, but Flappers made wearing make up more acceptable, as well as appling it in public, the norm. Really heavy make up was worn, with dark Kohl rimmed ears, blood red lips, and women applying make up in public, instead of in private.

2) 1960's

The swinging 60's were a very close second for me. In fact, while researching the decade, I realised that I was born in completely the wrong decade! Everything about that era screams freedom and fun! The music was fantastic and the fashion was amazing. The feminist and women's liberation movement were very important at this time and liberated women like never before.

Fashion from the sixties was one of the most influential ever, and you can still see it today. Don't believe me...the 60's invented the mini skirt. This piece of clothing is absolutely revolutionary and was invented by Mary Quant. London really was the place to be during the decade. Places like Carnaby Street were absolute hubs.

Fashionwise, the 60's can be split into two: the Retro, 'Mod', look, and the more natural Hippie look.

The Mod look came from young adults becoming more free and fashionable in what they wore. This Mod fashion was a lot more colourful and the prints were more bold. This trend was aimed at and was dominated by the youth. The Mods controlled fashion at the time, and were the cool people to be. Fashion icons at the time included Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick.

Here, women really had fun with their clothes: hemlines kept rising to well above the knee and a new love was foound in mini skirts. Along these, high boots were worn. Really flared jeans were also popular during this time.

Make up was also a lot more glamorous. Women tended to have their eyes really made up, with heavy eyeliner and false eyelashes, and really bright eyeshadow.

One the other hand, a more hippie and natural look came into popularity towards the end of the decade. These were social anarchists rebelling against the establishment and the mainstream. The look was very relaxed and comfortable, with the movement being referred to as flower power because people wanted to be more connected with the earth.

Sandals were an important part of this look, with women often going barefoot and even braless. Peace signs and maxi's were also important looks for this trend. Headbands and flowers were also worn to add a more interesting look. With the rise of the hippie movement, the fashion became more bohemian, and this style is still popular today (Nicole Richie in Maxi dresses).

So tell me, what are your favourite fashion era's, and why?

Sherin xx


Unknown said...

i love the 20s - i don't think we've had a more revolutionary decade in the uk since. and not just in terms of fashion! i wish i'd been around to see it - especially the male mannerisms offsetting the glamour and parties. brilliant post! annabelle x

Unknown said...

oh i dont choose any fashion era b'cos i know less about fashion today on mine is also 1960's

Claire said...

Kohl rimmed.. ears?


I'm with you though, both the movements you mention feel natural to me.

Rachel said...

Am I a luddite in the fact that I love present day fashion the best?

Ellyj said...

I love the 50's early 60's with full skirts and waist cinching dress's! Perfect hourglass shape not required cause the dress did it for you.

Munique said...

For me it is the hippy '70s with when fashion and style was as revolutionary as the ideas.

Fayoona said...

i adore the twenties, like you said, dropped waists, flapper girls. all that androgynous glamour..
but im a free spirit a la the 60s...
but i also love the 50s..poodle skirts and primness.
ah heck, il throw it out there.god bless the 80s. power dressing 'r us

Cafe Fashionista said...

Random, but...the 1960's and 1920's are my favorite as well. I honestly don't think that there were any eras as fabulous as those two fashion-wise!! :)

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Great post, Sherin! I love the fashions of the 1920s. It's definitely my favorite era. :)

Anonymous said...

1960's baby!!! I loved this post. I actually learned a lot! LOL

Leah said...

I love the 20's and 60's too... fabulous minds think alike? Hahaha! Have a great day! xoxo

daisychain said...

I totally agree about the 20s!

Winnie said...

Big love for all the mentioned decades but the one I love the most is the 80s. Only because I love the crazy prints and big hair! I grew up in the wrong decade!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Great post! It was fantastic learning about the the fashion eras that you love.
Have a great week

-The Trendy Fashionista

WeShop said...

That Edie pic is stunning. She looks so beautiful. xx

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I loved this post! the 20s and the 60s were both fascinating decades! I can understand why they're ur favorites! I think my favorites are actually the 50s and 60s, this definitely gets me thinking! I might try to gather more info for my favorite decades and do something for the blog! have a good day and I hope the election goes well!

Christina said...

Definitely love the loose comfortable clothing of the hippies! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the 20's and the 1950's and I like the 60's but not the hippy look as much as the tailored Jackie-O look :)

joei ♥ said...

definitely the 20's. love the flapper look! ;)

♥ joei

Artist said...

Your photos are just amazing.

E said...

The 20s is definitely one of my favorite eras, mostly because it's geared towards short hair and a flat chest, both of which I have :-)

S.Elisabeth said...

I'm such a fifty's girl! I love everything about that decade. And I would have loved to be a rebel woman in face of so many housewives! That or the sixties definitely! (or even the Regency Era, ala Austen!)

ana said...

I love the 40's and 50's because the woman was soooo feminin and elegant, I really love that it was fashionable to wear hats and gloves. And they use dresses all the time. Now we wear pants almost all the time.

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