Thursday, 20 May 2010

In Bloom

...written by Leia

A few days ago, I spent an afternoon at Kew Gardens with two of my gorgeous girlfriends, Katie and Saphia. All the flowers were gloriously blooming, the sun was shining, and we had an absolutely lovely day! We were on our feet for about 5 or 6 hours (and Katie and I had been jogging that morning), so my legs were absolutely dead by the end of the day.

I decided to wear my new favorite skirt and opted for bright colors to mirror the blooming flowers.

American Apparel double u-neck dress in evergreen, worn as a top;
Mango purple cardigan;
Polaroid Excite sunglasses;
and Make Up Store lipstick in Mandy.

We took so many pictures that it was hard to pick just a few to share with you!

On our last visit a year and a half ago,
I tried to befriend a peacock
and ended up scaring the poor guy.
This time I did the same, only the object of
my affection was a duck.
He was scared, too.
I should probably learn to leave
the animals alone...

We climbed up onto a treetop walkway.
Here I am, peeking over the edge.


We went into an evolution cave for a bit of a history lesson.
You can't tell, but there's a waterfall behind me;
in these pictures I was trying to balance myself on a log
without falling into the water!

Saphia and I chatting on a bench.
My legs clearly need some sun...

We found an odd little box, filled with coins
and flowers. I was peeking inside,
trying to figure out what it was all about!

Wearing an illicit flower in my hair -
Katie 'found' (i.e. picked) one for each of us, but
Saphia thought we would get arrested
so hid hers away!

Pinks & purples - my favorite colors

Queen Anne had a cottage made for herself,
right in the middle of Kew Gardens.
We couldn't go inside, although we knocked and knocked and no one answered!
We were hoping that the Queen's ghost would
let us in!

What's your favorite thing to do when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming?


Anonymous said...

LOVE the skirt
so chic!
love your blog, thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comments


Katelynn said...

oo my link is broken :< - also i love the one of u and saphia sitting :D and the illicit flower!

Jing said...

haha.i enjoyed reading your photo look so blooming along with the flowers,leia!
i wanna be on that garden too.
i loovveeee your skirt dear!

MJ said...

I am still so in love with that skirt. So sunny!

Retro Chick said...

That looks like an amazing day! And I loove that skirt

Kate @ Earth vs. The Wild Heart said...

Aw, I really love that shade of green with the skirt - very summery!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look and pics, darling!
You look lovely!
I adore that See by Chloe print!


style said...

lovely floral skirt :)
so cute

She Wore It Well said...

i love being out in the sunshine!! your skirt is growing on me :))


Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful pictures & pretty flowers! Love that skirt :)

H A N N A H ♥ said...

wow, looks like such a perfect day. & you look so beautiful! :)



Tanvi said...

Oh this looks so much fun :o) ... Sun and Flowers is definitely a good place for me too ... Like your outfit. It's cutely put together !!!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Super cute skirt!!!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

How wonderful it is to peek into your world. You, with hair the colour of midnight rain. Your skirt is bursting with tropical island colours. Your bag and shoes are equally pretty, too;-)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh Leia these photos of you and Saphia make me think of "The Secret Garden." You both look so lovely! What a peaceful excursion - I would love to visit there someday!! :)

Walk The Sand said...

Lovely photos. Really like your sunnies and cute pumps!

Leah said...

I absolutely love the box coin shot... nice capture. And your skirt is so lovely... it's perfect for the great outdoors. xoxo

daisychain said...

that skirt is so lovely on you

ana said...

The skirt is sooo beautiful! and the flowers are amazing!! perfect background for your pictures... you should do more outdoor photo shoots...!!! That garden remind me of the hidden garden that Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant found in the movie Notting Hill ;)

Harriet said...

These photos are so gorgeous and fun! I am majorly jealous, I've spent the week in a windowless room (again!)

S.Elisabeth said...

Aw! This is so adorable! You look too cute and it looks like such a fun day.
I love simply sitting outside with my ipod and/or a good book and soaking in the rays.

WeShop said...

That skirt is gorgeous - I love the bright colours, it stands out beautifully against the setting. xx

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I adore your outfit, the skirt, the shoes, the bag...
Actually reminds my slightly of when I wore my Moschino floral skirt with a simple tee. I love having a fancy skirt in contrast with such a (when out of context) top.
Anyway I love it :) And may totally have to come and steal it all off you ;P

Florrie x

Anonymous said...

That looks like a goose, not a peacock. Are you sure its a peacock?!
I was gonna say, "Chase that goose" But now I can't since it may be a peacock. Man This sucks. ;)

Winnie said...

Ahh lovely pictures, the one of you peering into that box is lovely! That skirt is perfect for a visit to the gardens. This reminds me that my university gardens are rather beautiful and I must visit them soon!

Tasha said...

U look gorgeous Leia! I love ur floral skirt! And it looks like that garden area is a beautiful place to visit and great scenery for pictures!

CC said...

Gorgeous photos! The outfit is amazing. Floral skirt *heart* :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Like you, I walk in the sun and enjoy nature. :) Lovely skirt! I love the color combination of what you wore and you all look like you had so much fun in there!

Dusk said...

You look glorious darling Leia!!! Love everything about this look, these colours are all so gorgeous on you!...and of course your beautiful smile, luxurious hair and luminous skin always make me sigh...

What a beautiful day you had! I love all these pics -the ones of you balancing are beautiful!- but I especially like the one of you and your friend on the bench.

Danni and Maria said...

Your skirt is so beautiful and summery! Oh and I love the sunglasses :D where are they from?


Rachel said...

That skirt is AMAZING! I want it!!!

Rachel said...

You look so gorgeous! I love the skirt!

kanishk said...

love your blog, thanks for sharing!
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Mrs. April said...

I love those colors! They work together perfectly.

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