Monday, 26 April 2010

Taking Back Sunday

...written by Sherin

Firstly, sorry for being absent from the blogisphere for the last few days. I managed to get a flight out Thursday evening and caught the end of my cousin's wedding. South Asian weddings are 3-4 days long, and I caught the last 2 days. I'm back tomorrow though.

I'll be honest with you guys, I've never been much of a fan of Sunday's. When I was a school, it was the day that I had to rush through all my homework. When I was learning to drive, it was the day that my dad used to take me out to drive and the only ever time my dad shouted at me (I think anyone who took driving lessons from their dad knows exactly what I'm on about).

Even now, despite having a day off work on Monday's, I still have a hate-hate relationship with Sunday's. I never do anything, and spend the day in my pj's, watching tv. Well, I've decided to take Sunday's back (I am also a huge fan of the band: Taking Back Sunday). Last Sunday, we had a family trip to the park planned, and now that it's getting slightly warmer, I definitely wanted to dress up and prove to myself that Sunday can be as fun as any other day!

I'm wearing a Hollister Dress and New Look Boots (it's still not warm enough not to wear tights!).

I'm also really happy that I can finally take pictures outside in my garden, instead of my messy room.

Sherin xx

27 comments: said...

I really love the plaid things. Love that dress!

Mylou. said...

Sweet Dress and I love the Boots !


Anonymous said...

I really like the boots! You're lucky to catch the last two days of the wedding!!


Anonymous said...

welcome back darling, we missed you. Great look. hope you are enjoying the fab weather. x

Style Eyes said...

Great outfit. I love Sundays and now the weather is a bit better, I will definitely begatting out and about a bit more

Dressing Up For Me said...

Well, me too I hate Sundays because I know that the following day everybody goes to work or go back to what they´ve been doing.

Love your dress and plaids!

SabinePsynopsis said...

I think a lot of people hate Sunday because it reminds them too much of Monday. I'm happy you had a good family get-together and the outfit is really lovely.

Dina's Days said...

This is a perfect Sunday outfit. I am usually the same way with Sundays, but lately I've been making Sunday a beauty day where I sit around and whiten my teeth, put face masks on and blog all day!

Unknown said...

cute outfit looks amazing in that

Anonymous said...

great sunday outfit looks cute on you i like checks

The Trendy Fashionista said...

You look great! Have a nice week

-The Trendy Fashionista

Elaine said...

That dress looks great on you!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Clare said...

So glad to have you back! Love that dress on you!

Giovanna said...

I love it! I want a dress like that :) so cute!
Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Maddie said...

great outfit! hope the wedding was fun :)

Ihate sundays too, with enormous passion!

WeShop said...

I used to hate Sundays as a kid too. Now I love them - get dressed up and go out for coffee and the papers, to the cinema etc. The trick is to have something planned and get out there!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Sunday is not my friend. I much prefer Saturday!

Marta from With Love... said...

I love Sundays and Sunday brunches, but I hate a fact that Monday is that much closer :P

P.S. Looking really cute!!!


Unknown said...

cute girl!
love the dress.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Love the boots with the dress, it's a great outfit.

S.Elisabeth said...

Aw you look so cute! I love the whole look. And I kind of can't believe that's Hollister! Who would've expected it?!

And hmm all the reasons you hate Sunday, I love (except the mad rush for homework & driving lessons!). I love spending the day in my PJs, just relaxing. Though now I'm being scheduled to work those days, so they're a tad different now!

Wardrobe said...

Love the outfit. Sundays are usually very boring unless us Wardrobe girls plan a day out which are far from boring!

Sometimes I end up working on a Sunday then all i want to do is mope around at home watching the Hollyoaks omnibus. Aaar fun times haha


Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Sherin, you look so incredibly pretty! I'm loving the boots and the dress looks perfect on you!

And trust me, I know what you mean about Sundays. I'm not a big fan of them either considering that's the day I do most of my school work!

Kaye said...

You look beautiful!

Unknown said...

That's great that you were able to go to the wedding after all! And it's good to have you back blogging! I love this dress and those boots! :) Also the garden in the background looks great! It is nice to finely be outside in the pretty scenery rather then couped up inside.

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