Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tea Tree

As someone who eats more chocolate than acceptable, I've always felt that I've had to work a lot harder to make sure that I don't break out in spots. This means that I'm not very risky when it comes to skincare products and I've been using the same brand for years as I'm too scared try anything else.

Superdrug sent me some 'Tea Tree' samples, and it smelt so nice, that I had to use it. Tea Tree originates in Australia and is a natural antibacterial agent, that is known for its antiseptic healing properties. The products use Peppermint oil, which is really well known for its cooling sensation.

Tea Tree claims to be 'The Natural solution for everyday skincare problems'.

Face Wash

I 've been using the same face wash for years now. It suited me well, so I've never branched out and used anything else. Having said that, I think you can imagine I was slightly apprehensive to switch and use this one.

I've been using it for about a week now and I think I'm going to officially have to switch to this. In the last week, I really have noticed a difference in my skin; its so much softer! Even my dad mentioned that my skin was 'glowing' and looked really good, and my dad never notices ANYTHING! My skin is seriously looking its best.

And let me tell you the great feeling when I'm putting this one. It's very soft and frothy and when I put it on my face, its kind of like that feeling in yuor mouth when you have a really good/strong mint. I wish there was a better analogy for it...but this is all I could think of. It leave such a good cooling feeling on my face.

Nose Strips

These strips are deep cleansing and aim to reduce any blackheads.
The way it works is that the antibacterial part of the Tea Tree oil combines with special ingredients that bond with skin impurities to help lift blackheads.

I put the strip on for 10 minutes and quickly took it off to see my nose. I didn't really notice anything different, so I ran downstairs to my mum to see what she thought. She actually noticed a difference and said that my nose was clearer.

Apparently, the trick to see how well a nose strip works is to look at it after you take it off and see how much is on it. So I ran back upstairs, and analysed the contents of the nose strip. And I did notice some blackheads on it, so I guess it worked quite well. My nose does feel smoother as well.

Face Mask

There was enough in this sample for two uses, so I tried it out and then let my mum try it out as well. I've never worn an kind of mask before, and my mum has pretty much used every brand out there, so she's the expert.
Again, the smell was really good. It was very fresh and fruity (it was a pomegranate and cranberry mask).

Me: Having never used any kind of mask before, I had no idea what to expect, but I liked it. Like with the face wash, there was a nice cooling sensation when I had it on. When I washed it off, I definitely noticed that my skin was much softer.

Mum: My mum has the world's most sensitive skin. She finds it really hard to find a product that suits her. A lot of the masks she puts on makes her skin really red and they irritate her. We were both surprised that this one didn't do that at all! There was absolutely no redness or irritation. In fact, even she mentioned that there was a cooling sensation to it. So we're both very impressed with this.

Also, us at HiFashion are very excited for Alice in Wonderland the movie, and everything else connected to it. One thing I'm loving in the new 'Curious & Curiouser' collection at Miss Selfridge, which is based around the movie. I went to the website in search of a dress and instead, was met by loads of really cute Alice in Wonderland tees. Its just all so adorable.


Sherin xx

Also, my Twitter seems to have gone crazy and is sending out a bunch of spam for some reason: apologies for that.


Leah said...

The Miss Selfridge collection is so pretty. I love the ruffled skirt.

I haven't tried using tea tree oil but my kids use them, they said it prevented them from having break-outs. I think it is a very effective product especially for those with oily skin.

Have a great day! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I used to use Tea Tree oil, but I think I might switch back, cos I'm breaking out now!


Anna Jane said...

I currently use a tea tree facial wash, and it certainly does have a softening effect on the skin. I definitely think I will be sticking to tea tree as it's also really good at combating redness, which my pasty skin is very prone to!

- Anna Jane xxx

St├ęphanie said...

I adore Miss Selfridge collection !

Couture Carrie said...

Fab reviews, darling S!
Must try those nose strips!


Arline said...

Tea Tree is very cooling on the skin and scalp. It can really soothe an itchy scalp.

Rachel said...

My face used to always break out! I hated it. :( But I had to get some prescription topical treatments from my dermatologist to help it. And just like how you were, I would never want to try any new products for fear that it might make my skin worse. So I have been using the same things for a couple years now. Lol.

The products you tried sound great though! I'm glad they seemed to have worked well for you. I'm sure your skin is looking clear and beautiful! :)

The Trendy Fashionista said...

That's a really cute collection. The face wash looks perfect for me. I'll go buy it. Great post.

-The Trendy Fashionista

Mrs. April said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours, I'm totally following you now.

Oh my Goodness! That Alice in Wonderland collection is adorable! I love that pink dressy/tunic one at the bottom, with the black tie band.

fritha louise said...

Definitely trying out that face mask. The tea tree moisturiser is great too, it's really refreshing.
I love all the Alice in Wonderland stuff, off to the website to check it all out now, thanks for the tip!

Tasha said...

Hey Sherin! This was a very good review! It's so hard for me to find a good face wash since I have super sensitive skin. I might have to try this out! All the products sound great!

And that pink dress in the set of Alice in Wonderland inspired clothes looks so beautiful!

Have a wonderful day!

Winnie said...

Oooh I think tea tree oil is fabulous. Great antiseptic!

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