Friday, 19 March 2010

Lublu Press Day

Both Leia and myself were lucky enough to get invited to Lublu's AW 2010/11 Press Event. Neither of us knew much about the company at first, but we both loved it after taking a look at the collection.

The designer behind the collection is Kira Plastinina, who started designing when she was 14!! By looking at the collection, you can tell that she's really talented. (The skirt on the left, modelled by Sara from the PR company behind the event, was made from rubber. It felt so amazing!)

The brand debuted in 2008 at Moscow Fashion Week and was an instant success. Right now, in England, the collection is only available in Harrods, and is selling really well!

I was lucky enough to spot Kira at the Press Event and had to ask her where she got her inspiration.
She said that she was reading 'Goethes Faust' and that it was about the conflict between good and bad. She was designing the collection at that time and wanted to incorporate it into the collection.

You can clearly see the good and bad contrast in the collection. The good side of the collection is full of nudes and beiges, which show naivety and innocence. One the other hand, the clothes that reflect bad are edgier, with a lot of grey and black, which show a much darker side.

Kira wanted to create this collection for women who are brave when it comes to fashion, and there is a lot of leather and lace.

You can see heavy inspiration from the 90's as well. There were a lot of crosses on the clothes as well as a lot of fishnets and holes in the clothes. There were also a lot of feathers and drapings.


What do you think of the collection?

Sherin xx

P.S. We have another Press Day next week, which I'm very excited for.


knk said...

great outfits

Anonymous said...

in like black out fit
kira is a awesome designer ,
great collocations ,
kira is your friend

English Rose ♥ said...

Kira Plastinina is SO talented!!

Great collection!

Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment on my blog and for actually reading the post!

Stay safe and chic mes chéries,
English Rose x

Pierrot le Fou said...

ooo love the layers of these items, very modern day jane-austen

{ I V Y } said...

oh my goodness, that last dress is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

omg omg,,, i really likeeeeeeee that collection..(the black outfit)
want it so muchhh...


Audrey Allure said...

Great outfits, love the designs!

Anonymous said...

I love the last grey dress and yeah I love the tropical look too. Yes I'm planning on voting because I know that politics affects everything basically, plus I'm very much interested in anything to do with the environment, so a party that can give me goals to look after the planet is even better! I still need to research each party a little more though and decide. xxx

Claire said...

Leia AND Sherin, please show me your wardrobes!!! Both of you!

Ladyulia said...

I love the cutting on those collection,,,

Leah said...

They are gorgeous and so unique. But I'm so in love with Kira's skirt... fabulous! xoxo

Winnie said...

Ooh lots of frills. I really love that last dress! Looks aweosme on the mannequin but wonder what it looks like on an actual person!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love this collection! The designs are unique but very covetable! Nude and black is always a great combination and they have used materials in a very good way


OceanDreams said...

This designer looks hot and edgy - I really like it! :)

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