Wednesday, 3 February 2010

NYC & Ascension Review

Another random-esque post today.

Firstly, have a look at this article from the
Daily Mail (I don't read the Daily Mail, for the record!) But I did think it was very interesting. You know how we should never go out in pj's or sweats, well one Tesco has actually banned customers from coming in barefoot, or in pj's. If you don't know, Tesco is a supermarket, that sells prety much everything.
They have added a dress code for that particular store, claiming that when people come in dressed in pajama's, it embarrasses other customers.

Anyhow, I do have some reviews on make up and clothes:

Superdrug were very kind to send me a few make up samples to try out, from New York Color (N.Y.C.).
This isn't a company I know that much about, so was excited to try them out.

Face Powder:
It looked absolutely lovely...all pink and rosey, so I was very excited to try this one out.
It added a nice colour to my otherwise plain cheeks and looked quite good. My only issue was that I put a bit too much one and it came out really heavy. When using this in the future, I'll be sure to use as little as possible to give myself the most natural look.

I've always wanted a little eyeshadow pallette that has all the colours needed to a look. Not only does this have this, it also labels where on the eye to put each colour. Seriously, this was really helpful!
I loved how well the colours blended together to give me a casual, yet well put together look to my eyes. The shades on this pallette are perfect natural colours and so are perfect to wear on a day-to-day basis.

Sparkle Eye Dust:
My mum is obssessed with eye dust, and I never knew why! So, after I finally got this from my mum's clasps, I gave it a shot and understand why eye dust is so loved. Its all the joy of eyeshadow, but with a more glamourous look to it. I wore this to work and it just sparkled the whole day and really made my eyes stand out.

Liquid Eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner is the most important piece of make up for me. I seriously can't live without it. I also have very high expectations of liquid eyeliner: it has to be perfect. This one lives up to expectations. The brush is nice and smooth, as well as thin, which gives a nice thin line when you wear it. I've had tots of problems in the past where the eyeliner brush is to thick, so it looks really heavy when I wear it, but this a nice thickness. Its also quite easy to put on. When I was learning how to put on liquid eyeliner, it was really messy and hard for me. I eventually got the hang of it. If you are just starting out with liquid eyeliner, I'd say this is a good one to start with.

Lip Balm:
This is something that I would really recommend. I pretty much only wear vaseline on my lips, and my only issue with that is that it has no real colour to it. Well, if you're like me, this is a dream product! It stays on my lips for ages (which, for me, is a miracle) and tastes amazing! (Not that I go around eating lip balms!) It definitely adds a bit of colour and texture, to my otherwise plain lips.

And here are some photos of me wearing the powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip balm.

ll in all I would recommend NYC make up. And looking online, it is very reasonablly priced.

The second review is a top from a clothes company called Ascension.
Ascension is a British Ethical Brand. According to its website, is 'as much green and fair as is stylish and chic' and I definitely have to agree. They believe that fashion shouldn't cost the earth and so try to make really stylish pieces that are also very ethical. They do this by bringing the worlds most ethical brands together and putting them into one 'Eco Chic' destination.

And they also work on other projects. Through their Rwandan project, they work with free trade producer groups, and help them develop sustainable skills. They also work with young designers to pioneer the new era of fashion and develop the next generation of the fashion industry to become more sustainable and ethically established.

"We want to make a big difference in the future of the fashion industry, and we hope you’ll help us make it." (Quote from the website)

When Ascension offered to send us a smaple, I couldn't resist. I eventually decided on this silk top. Lately, I've been thinking that I need to make my style slightly more mature. Since then, I've been on the look out for gorgeous tops that I can pair with jeans. or skirts, and this top is perfect.

Its made from 100% silk and its just so soft when you touch it. I seriously didn't want to let it go.

Its true: they are ethical and very stylsh. It was also so comfortable to wear. The top, which I wore to work, looked stunning and I was getting compliments all day.

My one recommendation is that I would buy a size smaller than what I am. This was a UK size 8, but it semed slightly roomier for me.

Apart from that, its a great investment. Wearing something that you know is good for the world makes you feel good as well as making you look good on the outside.

What ethical brands do you buy from and how do you like their products?

Sherin xx


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

I haven't invested in ethical clothes brands yet (although I know I should), but I adore Weleda beauty products and they're totally ethical. I also love Aveda which looks after the environment. I've sorted the beauty, now I just need to sort the clothes! Loving the blog btw, will def be back.

Claire said...

Top looks great!! I also reviewed an Ascension item and found it was slightly roomier than expected - fine for that time, as it was a jacket which was larger but definitely something I would bear in mind in future.

Munique said...

I like the natural look when it comes to makeup so I'm loving that bronze eyeshadow on you Sherin.

Haute World said...

I think it's quite hard to find an ethical brand that's stylish at the same time and most countries have a poor selection. The UK, Scandinavia and Germany are pretty good at it though. Great top! And the make-up looks beautiful on you as well.

The Tesco thing made me laugh. It may seem strange, but I can kind of understand where they're coming from. Going barefoot can be dangerous, especially if someone breaks a glass bottle. And the PJs... well, considering most people don't wear undies under them and they can show a guy's package quite well in some cases, it's better small children and other consumers aren't exposed to that either ;-)

Jing Ayuban said...

those products are not a make-up person and i don't know how to put them on.I want to learn someday.

both of you are beautiful and very natural. are you twins by the way?hehe

North West London Girl said...

Mentioning ethical and Tesco in the same post is an intersting combination. I wonder which store it is that has banned sloppy attire, why would anyone wish to enter any store barefoot?

I do like the sound of that rather gorgeous looking lipgloss I may well give this a go. xx

Alice said...

I love this post Sherin.

- I hate when people are wearing pijamas outside their house. I think it is rude and disrespectful, and not cool at all.

- Love makeup reviews!

-Great outfit, black and grey, just up my streeet!

Mom Fashion World said...

you look great especially those
glossy lips. i love it!

Dream Sequins said...

The taste of a lip balm is pretty darn important, I would say. :)

By the way-- happy Wednesday to you!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Lucky you getting all these free samples. ;)
I want some sparkle eye dust!! Sounds magical!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

I've never tried any of the NYC products. But the eye makeup looks gorgeous on you, Sherin!

Anonymous said...

I have that same blush and have the same problem. If I use a brush it's better, than a sponge... Although I'm not sure you should every use a sponge to apply blush lol! nice post. :)

Anna Jane said...

Oh I read that article, I kinda thought "too right they should ban PJs!" I couldn't believe one mother claimed she didn't have enough time to dress herself just because she had kids. Sillyyy.

And wow, how do you get so many samples sent to you?! That blush looks beautifullll

- Anna Jane xxx

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I love the makeup! It looks wonderful on you. The silk top is adorable :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

Anonymous said...

I love liquid eye liner and pink blush, reminds me to get some more!

Miss Q said...

heya course I rememeber you!! I had no idea you where into fashion though. Your blog is wicked, nice style and layout. How did you get so many followers? hope your well xxxxxxxx

Couture Carrie said...

Fab review, darling!
Your eye makeup looks fab!


Clare said...

Great review gorgeous! I have never tried any NYC products, but it looks pretty well pigmented and it is gorgeous on your eye and we have similar coloring. I may have to check it out!

The Sydney Girl said...

that makeup looks awesome!!! :) x

Cafe Fashionista said...

My fingers are never without N.Y.C. nail polish. I love the fact that their line is affordable yet fabulous! I will definitely be trying out the liquid eyeliner - it is one of my essentials as well!! :)

Maddie said...

really great read! and i do think people need to have higher standards with wearing clothes in public-it's about self pride and respect for others, but then again I'd love to live in a kitsch surburban pleasantville kinda world where everyone always wore their sunday best :s a bit shallow I know

bryna said...

i have to admit, i'm with tesco on this. when i lived in london, that's ALL i saw when i went shopping!

~kristie~ said...

love nyc makeup cheap and awesome!

Julia said...

The makeup looks really nice and natural, thanks for the reviews! I also Love the silk top. Good choice!


Devina said...

Wow... My fav part in this post is the last photograph....
Loved your style.. You look stunning with those mute clothing...

S.Elisabeth said...

Love the make-up & clothing reviews! And that dress code made me laugh a bit. Though maybe society is turning back into that whole properly dressing for the day thing that it lost in the past few decades...?

Elle said...

great reviews - the NYC makeup is so affordable but i've never tried it. Also that top is completely classic and looks great on you!

Desired Youth said...

Cute! Ohhh I want that liquid liner!

Frannie said...

You look really nice in that make-up Sherin! I've been pondering make-up brands lately and I think I'll try this one first, since it looks so lovely on u.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That's awesome about the makeup. I've never used that brand, but it's SO reasonably priced. I'm going to have to try it!

Anonymous said...

maybeyou shouldnt review make up that eyeliner looks really ghastly

Cheryl said...

You look lovely, Sherin! The silk blouse does look so soft and comfy. I always have a soft spot for black and so it's a double love. ;)

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