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IMATS Make up Review

So as you know, I was lucky enough to go to IMATS last week. I did manage to talk to a few vendors and find out more about their companies. I also thought this woud be a good time to review some of the things I picked up from the show. This post is less about reviews and more about introducing you to companies.


I spoke to Liz Yu, Head of the Company.
I was drawn to this company because of all the small packaging. Liz, a Toronto make up artist, started the company in early 2007 after realising what a hassel it was to go out with a full make up kit. Make up is usually fairly big and heavy, so Liz decided to start this company to take the work out and make it easier to carry make up everywhere.
The kits are small and light and aim to create an easy solution for organising your make up kit.

Yaby created small containers (empties/grippies) that make life so much easier and condense all your make up baggage.

And as you've notices in recent posts, we are are heading towards more Ethical brands, and Yaby fits right in. Liz wanted to take a 'less waste' direction with Yaby, so every colour comes as a refill and can be used with their magnetic palettes. The reclosable clam shell containers, that the containers come in are reusable.

I got 2 small eyeshadows from Yaby. I decided to go for a purple and a yellow. I've never owned yellow eyeshadow and so tought it would be fun. I quite liked going out in yellow eyeshadow, it was a fun feeling. And because the eyeshadows are so small, I literally that bunged them in my bag and was able to re-do my make up at any stage during the day. The make up from Yaby is also very very affordable!

Make-Up International

This company was started by Walter Schneiderman, and has worked with a whole range of celebrities and movies. The company is now run by his daughter, Beryl Lerman.

And the great thing again is that this company is fairly ethical, in that they only use ingredients that aren't tested on animals.

They are a professional company and also offer make up sessions and courses, which is a great idea for all of you make up enthusiasts.

I got some eyeshadows and eye dust from them. I recently discovered eye dust and am kind of hooked. The eye dust was so pretty and really sparkly. It was a really natural colour, so when I wore it, it added a really pretty sparkle on my eyes.. And this did last for hours. I didn't need to re do my make up at all during the day.


Now, this is a really amazing brand. I was speaking to the Vice President, Karl Zundel, for ages and he was really nice.

The aim of the company, he explained, is to provide excellence in make up education and to retail quality products.

Everything from the MUD line gets tested by industry experts and make up artists, so that all the products meet high professional standards.

It was clear, after I'd had a look at the products, that these were high quality and perfect to wear.
I tried a palette with 4 eyeshadows. I loved wearing them. The colours in the palette were all really classic colours and looked beautiful when I wore them. They were very smooth and polished and really are perfect for everyday wear. T
hey are also very long lasting. I put a little bit on in the morning and when I came home from work that evening, it still looked newly applied.
This is definitely a company I'll be coming back to. As soon as this palette finishes, I will buy another one, and I'll definitely buy some of the other products.

Naked Cosmetics

This is an American brand and is pretty exquisite.

Naturally, I was drawn by the name. I spoke to Peter from the brand and just had to ask where the name came from. The fact that its Naked is meant to represent the fact that its Natural. Their saying is: 'If its not Naked, Its not Natural'.

Their products contain 100% pigment and no waxes, and so they produce more natural colours. Naked is a more professional line, with their products used by more professional make up artists and are available through fine spas, studios and independent beauty professionals.

Naked use MICA powder which is the purest and most natural cosmetic. It doesn't not contain oil or wax, and so doesn't damage your skin. The products are 100% pure colour and just look stunning when you wear them.

Wearing this eyeshadow really made me feel special. I got 6 really interesting eyeshadows from the 'Urban Rustic' collection. They were very shiny and very dramtic. It was absolutely amazing and really looked great. I loved the different colours here, with there being hints of purple and green. If you ever come across this company, I would recommed you to get something if you can. The way the eyeshodow comes is amazzing and means that you get a really good effect when you wear it.

Sherin xx

P.S. I've just discovered Shop Pulse and had to share it with you guys! The website pretty much tells you all about the latest products hitting the stores. It puts everything in one place, making shopping a lot easier!!

They're also having a giveaway for UK residents. I'm really excited to enter this because I love the prize. Its a Christian Louboutin Barbie!! I wrote a post on it not to long ago. Check out the competition here.


Aury said...

oh I wish I lived in the UK!!!

Really awesome post, Sherin! I've heard about mud and naked and been unsure whether to try them out or not. I think I've decide to try naked first though, just cos it looks too fabulous to not try and it shud be relatively easy to get (I hope)

MJ said...

Wow, you're lucky to be able to go! That first company reminds me of e.l.f. a little bit, don't they do transportable packaging and stuff?

Graham I. Haynes said...

I just want to say, I think it's great you're considering the ethical component to cosmetic products.

It's nice to see someone setting the example for making responsible shopping distinctions.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I so adore your for reviewing Naked brand makeup, Sherin - I've heard so many wonderful things about it in the past. I think I need to try it myself!! :)

Leah said...

Love this make-up review... I want to try the Naked brand. And I love their tagline too. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I like the Naked one, reallly pretty colors!

oh and so jealous I cant enter the barbie contest!!!

Kristin said...

I really like the idea behind the Naked brand. And what lovely colors!

daisychain said...

fab post, so jealous you went to the IMATS!

jane st. clair said...

i must be behind because i've never heard of this brand! however, it sounds awesome and looks like you got some cool things!

Winnie said...

Wow this sounds like so much fun, I subscribe to a few make up youtubers and I know that some of them made appearances at the IMATS!

Clare said...

The naked brand sounds awesome!! This is a great post. Oh and I am totally jealous of you. I wanna win a Louboutin Barbie!!

Nubiasnonsense said...

that's a nice yellow shade in the first picture I never tried yellow hmmmm

joei said...

you're lucky you were able to go. and a christian louboutin barbie? interesting!

anyway, thanks for sharing your reviews. glad to hear that companies are being a little bit more caring about non-testing on animals.

and i agree, naked is the catchiest of them all ;)


Stephanie said...

Wow! Im going to have to try some of those make-up products. They all sound so fabulous!


OceanDreams said...

I like how the naked brand sounds, I'll be sure to check it out more!

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