Friday, 19 February 2010


Last week, we took a family trip to Dubai for a few days, to escape the cold London weather. I did, however, have a bit of trouble when it came to planning my outfits. It was due to be very hot there, but Dubai is also a fairly traditional country, so I did feel that I had to be dressed more respectedly there.

It was actually 'Dubai Shopping Festival' when we went, so there were due to be lots of sales and offers. I was really excited for this, so I took very few clothes with me, with the intention of buying loads there. I have to admit that some of the sales were very good, but for some reason, I didn't really see anything that I liked, so only bought a few things.

(Thats the world's tallest building)

Day 1:

Our hotel was next to the world's biggest mall!!! I also knew that there was a Forever21 there, and as there isn't one here in England, I was on a mission to find it. I must have been quite a sight, wandering around the biggest mall in the world, with a map and parents
lagging behind me, looking for it...and I found it!

I managed to find this gorgeous bag. I saw it online quite a while ago, so thats the first thing I went to find! I actually didn't pack a handbag with me, because I knew that I'd get this bag! I, unfortunately, didn't pick up anything else from Forever 21. I don't know whether it was because the prices were higher than they would have been in the US, or the fact that I ddn't need anything, but I didn't really see anything else :(.

Day 2:
I'm telling you: it felt good to get some sun on me. I'm wearing a New Look 'Guns 'n Roses' T-shirt, Skirt from Joy and my Vans (I know the Vans don't go with the rest of the outfit, but they're so comfortable!).
We relaxed in the morning and early afternoon, then in the evening, I had an absolute surreal shopping experience! We went somewhere called 'Global Village' and it was CRAZY! It was basically a huge open space, and every region of the worl had a section dedicated to it. Each of the different regions sold really traditional items and it was so fun going to all these different parts. All the regions also made sure that their space looked like their country (so I saw a model Eiffel Tower and really dressed up people!).

Day 3:
New Look dress and a Dorothy Perkins t-shirt underneath. I also had the same thinking when it came to shoes, despite bringing heels/flats with me.
My hair also has LOADS of product in it. Curly hair and hot/humidity don't go too well together!

My morning was what Dubai is all about: Gold Shopping. If 'you've never been Gold Shopping in Dubai before, I recommend you do it at least once in your life!
There a tons of little gold stores all lined up together, with their lights blaring at their gold. The first mission is to choose a shop, then you have to decide what you want. Next comes the fun part: Haggling.
Seriously, everything in Dubai thats not in a proper mall can be d down! The shop assistants purposely price everything higher than it is, just so people haggle the price down. It really is very fun.

Although I didn't buy any gold, I did get a lot of silver. Here are my favourites that I bought:

Anchor pendent: There was this one little shop and we bought lots and lots from there and the shop owner threw this in for free.

Ruby Bracelet: I bought this from the nicest guy ever! He was so amazing to talk to and was really funny. I was absolutely drawn to him and my dad had to drag me and my mum away from before we spent all our money there.

Day 4:
This was our last day, so we spent most of it relaxing by the beach and driving around.
(Me with my dream car: a Mustang. I will buy one one day!)

Sherin xx

As you know, Its officially London Fashion Week (yaaaay), and because of this, theres lots going on, including company promotions. We found out about a very cool promotion that Eclectric Eccentricity Jewellery is doing. They've planned lots of events and discounts, as well as free gifts and competitions. They'll also be blogging behind the scenes, so check out their Twitter for the latest updates.
Today, they're doing 20% off everything! Just enter the code EELFW at checkout! Over the weekend, they will be giving a free gift with every order, if you enter the code FREE in
the message to seller box at Paypal checkout.
We'll keep you updated with what they have planned next week as well!


Anonymous said...

Really like the Guns & Roses tshirt and the Joy skirt! Sounds like a great trip


Saurabh said...

nice blog

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

It sounds like you had quite a fun trip, Sherin! You look gorgeous in all of these photos. I'm especially loving the Guns 'n Roses tee and that skirt. :)

Style Eyes said...

Sounds amazing! Love the red New Look dress. I have the same problem with hair in hot weather, luckily not much of a problem in this country.

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

lovely outfits, especially the tee on day 2. I'm so jealous that you went to Dubai!



Couture Carrie said...

What an amazing trip!
Loving the looks, too!


Anonymous said...

I really like your style, because it seems very girly, and yet very comfortable. I'm all for the comfort!
Don't mind me asking, how far of a flight is that for you?

Cheryl said...

What you wore was perfect for walking around and seeing lots of things! Love that ruby necklace and that last photo of you is so cute.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Your look from Day 4 is my absolute favorite! Is that the Forever 21 bag with you in the picture? I almost bought it myself - now I wish I had! So glad that you had a fantastic time, Sherin!! :)

hthrjcrss said...

I think you have amazing style. You're photos are great as well! You should enter into's Avenue Debut contest for a chance to win $1000 shopping spree at Bloomingdale's. More details here:

Julia said...

Looks like a lot of fun and really good shopping! I love the bag you got at Forever21.


S.Elisabeth said...

I need to live in London like now...!

But anyway, your trip to Dubai sounds absolutely lovely. I wish I could go somewhere warm! Ah and the thing you did with Forever 21 is the exact same thing I did with Zara in Greece. I forced my friends to help me find it, and when I did I only bought a dress because the prices were a tad higher than normal.

Ah and your outfits are perfect!

Unknown said...

hey Sherin! u look gorgeous in all ur outfit pics! I love how u pair ur tennis shoes with skirts and dresses! it works for u! and being comfortable is always so much better when ur shopping around for hours! speaking of shopping u found some great buys! I love the jewelry u found! also I'm in love with that purse. I have a feeling forever21 must be cheaper in the us because here its pretty cheap for the product and even though it is my favorite store sometimes when I travel there to the mall I don't find anything at all that I like. It's really weird but it happens. I guess I didn't realize u didn't have a forever21 in england so that stinks u didn't have much luck there! well it still sounds like u had fun though and that's whats important! I hope u r having a good week!

joei ♥ said...

liked your outfit in day 4. so casual chic :)

anyway, the world's biggest mall?! how long did it take you to go around the whole thing? LOL

have a great weekend guys!


Zel said...

i've always wanted to visit Dubai. Sounds like a fun trip, it must be nice to escape from the cold. i love that blue skirt you wore on day 4.

Graham I. Haynes said...

I love, love the way you mixed that skirt in with casual wear. So cute.

ana said...

I love your skirt look with converse!!!!

Sierra said...

I love your anchor pendant and cute outfits, glad you had a nice time!

Mariam said...

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