Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Paris, Je t'aime

Over the weekend, Leia and I went to Paris, courtesy of Le Nouveau Paris.

I'm a bit of a crazy tourist, so spent the weekend with my nose in the map, and dragging poor Leia around the city, walking!
Also, one of the main reasons I love
Paris is because of their crepes. Mmmm!!

This picture of Sherin eating a chocolate crepe is my favorite picture of her ever!

Day 1:

Sherin: I wore a skirt from a small local shop, a H&M Tee, and New Look Over The Knee boots. My cardi is actually from Vans (yes, the shoe company). Leia was really impressed when she found out where it was from. My coat, which you'll see in pictures lower down was from
I did have many issues with my outfit: My coat had a lot of buttons and so it took me ages to put on and take off; my bag was so big that I couldn't find things in there; my boots wouldn't stay up, so kept falling down and revealing my pink and sparkly socks, which I was wearing because they were warm and didn't think anyone else would see them!

Leia: I felt so sorry for poor Sherin! My outfit was much more comfortable - I wore wet look leggings, a Massimo Dutti sweaterdress, a Mango sweater, and my beloved Motel Rocks leopard print faux fur coat. (Also, I was having a bad hair day, as you can see from the picture above!)

After we'd checked into our hotel, we walked down to the Louvre. I've always wanted to see the Mona Lisa, so was really excited to go. I'm not a huge art fan, but was really intrigued and interested in some of the art there. Although, Leia thinks I have weird taste in art! It's true. "Weird" is an understatement. Since Sherin loves songs about death and torture, I shouldn't have been surprised that she was drawn to the more bloody paintings. Honestly - the more blood and gore in sight, the more she loved it!

We then walked to Notre Dame from there and looked around inside. It really is such a beautiful place! But it was so full of people that we couldn't really get a good look, unfortunately!

Unfortunately, it was wet and rainy for much of the weekend!

Outside Notre Dame, a group of people were giving out free hugs, which is such a great idea. Naturally, I had to find the best looking guy who was giving a hug and went straight to him to get my hug.

I love the Free Hugs Campaign - read more about it here. If you have a free afternoon, you should definitely make yourself a Free Hugs sign and spread the love!

After relaxing at the hotel for a bit, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower, which is usually open till 11pm. We did, however, have to queue for an hour and half, in the blistering cold, while being harrassed by people selling illegal Eiffel Tower figurines. There were dozens of them and some of them wouldn't leave you alone! I don't think Leia has heard me, or anyone else, complain as much as I did.

But the view from the top was stunning and the city looked so beautiful with all its lights on.

This picture was taken on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower - I was freezing!

Day 2:

: I'm wearing Stone Age jeans (I think they're a Spanish company) and a Hollister top. I'm also wearing my Converses. The first thing I said to Leia when she woke up: 'You have no idea how good these Converses feel on my feet'.

Leia: It's true, our feet were really sore after all the walking we did on Saturday. My feet are still aching! I wore an American Apparel jersey pocket skirt, a short-sleeved leopard print top, and my trusty OTKs.

We woke up early and had planned to do a lot of shopping, but then discovered that all the shops, except for the ones on the Champs-Elysées, are shut on Sundays. So we wandered around the Champs-Elysées for a while and walked around the city. Paris is relatively small, so you can walk pretty much anywhere. Well, I walked with my map and Leia was a few paces behind me ready to kill me because she was so tired, lol. Although, Leia nearly did injure me. Seriously, her umbrella kept poking my eye out and her suitcase kept tripping me over!

We also did manage to see L'Arc de Triomphe on our last day, which was really amazing.

The picture on the right was taken inside the Arc. A few feet to my right burned the eternal flame of the unknown soldier.

All in all, despite the cold and rain, Sherin and I managed to have fun!

Sherin & Leia

P.S. I also met my dream guy (so what if he's missing a torso, lol)


Claire said...

Ah looks like such a good trip!! And you both look very chic. I understand about the walking thing though - when I went, literally the only shoes I ended up wearing were my Havaianas. I'd never been a flipflop fan before (stll not) but they were AWESOME.

The Glamourous Grad Student said...

Aw Paris is such an awesome city! Will you go back again some time? So much more to see!!

Sher said...

Ohhh it's nice to see your beautiful experience with Paris! Paris is always in my mind, even though I've only been there once!!

Lovely pics:)


Anonymous said...

Ok I am so jealous of you guys, you downright gave me chills the second I knew it was the photos from Paris! you both looked so cute!

Miss Peregrin said...

Oh, looks like an amazing trip! Your outfits look great, and the picture of Sherin eating the chocolate crepe is the cutest thing ever.

Seriously though, chocolate crepes....MMMMMMM. Yummy.

Eri said...

Lovely pictures, I am actually so jealous... I want to go to Paris.

See ya

Rachel said...

It sounds like you girls had a lot of fun!
You both look gorgeous in all of these pictures!
Leia, I'm loving your faux fur leopard print coat. It looks fantastic on you! And that first shot of Sherin eating a crepe is too cute! :)

joei said...

love the boots! ;)


heart charlie said...

I am so jealous you are in Paris!! I love your outfits, you fit right in with the Parisian lifestyle ;)

Anonymous said...

That first picture is amazing! I went to Paris when I was 12, and totally loved it!

SogniSorrisi said...

Looks like a great time!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

It looks like you had an amazing time! The crepe that Sjerin is eating looks so good. I feel like having one.

Thanks for your lovely comments, they made my day!!!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Marta from With Love... said...

That's fabulous... I am dying to go to Paris :)So romantic and chic! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time.

With Love...

Pierrot le Fou said...

aww, such a cool post! and great looks :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh I absolutely adore this little diary you've prepared of your trip to Paris. I literally felt as if I went with you. And Sherin...regardless of wardrobe malfunctions you looked absolutely adorable. And Leia...I'm especially loving your second ensemble. The two of you look absolutely stunning; and I'm so glad that you had a marvelous time!! :)

Leah said...

You girls made me want to go back to Paris... so did you see the Monalisa? I love both of your outfits... it seems that you planned not to wear skirts on the same day.

Amy said...

Looks like you had an AWESOME time! :)

Jealous. ;)

Nicola said...

Wit woo ladies, looking very pretty and colourful despite the horrible weather! I still have memories of being freeezing half way up the tower and that was in summer, so I can only imagine how cold it must have been!


Cheryl said...

I was laughing while I was reading this entry because your long walks remind me of the way my hubby and I when we travel. He holds the map and walks ahead of me all the time while I follow him grudgingly and complaining all the way. lol! :)

Tired feet aside, looks like you had fun and have seen most of Paris. I would love to visit that city someday.

The photos lovely and your outfits are casual chic and super comfy. Love them all! Sherin, that's what I don't like about OTK boots. They tend to slip.

More photos coming up? ;)

Tasha said...

What a fun post Sherin and Leia! It looks like you two had a lot of fun and you did so in style! Great outfits!!

I love the first pic with Sherin and her crepe! And Sherin's dream guy looks pretty intriguing! haha

Just wondering was this your first time in Paris or had you both been there before?

Anonymous said...

omgah i hung on every word of this post! amazing! you guys had such an awesome time and you looked so good... i am so jealous! You two looked like Paris elite!

Corie said...

You both seem like you had an awesome time...and the outfits of choice, for both of you, were very cute!

Jing said...

you guys are both funny and lovely.I was laughing while reading your post.cute!!!
I envy you.I love's one of my dreams. the city is full of love right? and your hug story is so funny and cute.haha.
now im following your blog!I wanna be updated with your adventures. take care!
jing from philippines =)

Sophia said...

ohhh you both look so so lovely! i'm thoroughly jealous.
paris sounds so perfectly amazing.

Polished Sense said...

How far is that commute from London? I've only been to a few countries in Europe. Paris and London are both on my to-do list. You ladies just made me weep how I need to go to Pare-i~

haha (my spelling is suppose to be silly)

Love day 1 outfits and that polka dot umbrella! Love standing out like that.


Kristin said...

How jealous am I??? WAY jealous! Love the orange bag!

Marz said...

wow, this looks like such a lovely trip! You guys look great! I'm with Kristin, I'm jealous of you guys too!

Aury said...

I'm in love with Paris too! I am pretty sure I'm going to live in France when I grow up because that's how much I love it! You girls look great and sorry about the walking thing . At least you had a great time!

Zel said...

Your trip sounds so fun! i too am a map-nerd whenever i travel and my legs are always sore at night lol. Anyway, you girls look great.. loving your coats!

caroLove said...

looks like you had a great trip! I would lovee to go to Paris someday. And sorry your dream guy has his torso missing..:P


Harriet said...

That looks so much fun! *whines* I wanna go to Paris!

OceanDreams said...

I like your dream guy, ha ha. Looks like both of your outfits are adorable and I wish I could go shopping with you, we would have a blast!

Dusk said...

Gorgeous Sherin and Leia...may we, okay, I please have close-ups of your gorgeous OTK boots??

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