Monday, 10 August 2009

This is where life takes us...

Phew, what a couple of days. I've been shopping like a crazy pereson, and it's the first time I've ever felt guilty about shopping. Looks like a shopping ban could be in store for me (every girl's nightmare).

I did pick up a fantastic skirt from a local thrift store. It had no tag on it, but it was so pretty. It's in the first picture. The second picture is of a skirt I really love, but have hardly ever worn.

I have such a hard time with skirts. I NEVER know what to wear with them and always give up and then throw on a pair of jeans or a dress instead.
So what top would you recommend with these skirts?

We also got to meet Lauren from La Petite Fashionista. She's one of our favourite bloggers, so it was just so great meeting her in person. She is a lovely person and we had such a fun dinner. Let us know if any of you are ever in London. I find meeting other bloggers just so inspirational.

And this is Pixie Lott. She's an amazing, talented singer, with a perfect soulful voice. She also has a great style. Check her out if you haven't heard of her already.

As I'm writing this, I'm listening to her acoustic cover of 'Last Night' by the Strokes. The Strokes version is one of my all time favourite songs, and I thought she'd ruin the song, but she's covered it really well!

And finally, Cheryl from Adventures of Pinay Neska gave us this fantastic award! Thanks so much Cheryl. It means the world to us! Honestly, we started this blog for fun a few months ago and we never thought we'd get all these awards!

We're supposed to do 10 interesting things about us, which we have done on a previous tag. So check it out here.

And we tag: Cafe Fashionista Maria Confer Redhead Fashionista Grey Strawberrys

Sherin xx

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Claire said...

If this were facebook, I'd "like" the large amount of shopping! You've got to do it where possible, as often there is nothing to buy! And there is no point in saving money right now.

Polished Sense said...

Love the shot of the bloggers! Too bad, I don't live in London, but if I ever visit...I will make sure to let you know!


Amelia said...

I pretty much always wear skirts, but never ones like that, so I don't really have any advice. Congrats on the award!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I've been shopping like a maniac as well, I blame the HUGE sale signs everywhere. For me, Shopping ban really is the worst and most unsuccessful and disappointing experience ever! :P

That's so awesome that you've met another bloger... it is always fun :)

Luinae said...

If I ever am in London, I'll look you up! You guys look so happy together, like the bloggers. I have to start shopping........I'm just kind of worried about spending money. But it should be all right.

Jane Alisa said...

Love the skirts, great pictures .x.

E said...

That is so cool that you guys got together! Congrats on your award!

ana said...

Your skirt is soooo pretty!!! and cool you got toguether! I'll go check La petit Fashionista's blog!!!!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Congrats on your award!

And thanks so much for the award!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Congrats on the award! I love the skirt you found at the thrift store. It's gorgeous! I would recommend a plain tank top to go with it, so that way it doesn't take anything away from the skirt.

Yay for meeting other bloggers!! I did that in LA recently and it was so fab. :) I hope you get the chance to meet more!

Oh, and I'm definitely going to check out Pixie!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Thanks for the tag- you're the sweetest!

1) I too never know what to wear with skirts. In the end, I either top them off with a slouchy Boyfriend Tee, or, like you, switch it out for a pair of jeans.

2) I am envious of the fact that you and Leia had the opportunity to meet Lauren (La Petite Fashionista). I adore her and her blog. The three of you are so chic and gorgeous in this picture.

3) I have heard of Pixie Lott in the past, but now I'm off to check out some of her music in a bit! :)

Sophia said...

What a great find! I love the uniqueness of the first skirt. and it looks good with the grey tank, so don't worry :)

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

I love that skirt =] It must be so fun to meet people in person that you mostly only know by their blog

Maria Confer said...

Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for tagging me!!

Hmmm, skirts really are tricky. I usually end up buying dresses.

For these two skirts I would opt for a simple white top.

Damsels said...

pixie is very gorgeous !

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

When in doubt go with a white Hanes mens beater. They go with EVERYTHING!

jane st. clair said...

i like them with a simple tank, kind of like you already have on!
the little violet dress

Kait said...

I like the way you paired the skirts with the simple tank. They are both very intricate so I think that itself is fine, I wouldn't pair them with anything busy or over constructed, just solid colored, simple tops.

I will definitely have to check out Pixie Lott. Her name alone piques my interest.

That award is so cute! Congrats : )

Sierra said...

Go you for shopping, shopping! Can you shop for me too pretty please?! He he, that skirt looks adorable, I think black skirts always look good with any shirt. Also, I will have to try Pixie, her music looks great!

Leia said...

That is an awesome skirt. The blue/red under side reminds me of a sari! I think with such a vibrant skirt, you should keep the top really simple. A tank top or fitted t-shirt would be good, and try to get one that either reflects or complements the colors in the skirt (so a light shade of green, blue, white, red, or yellow would be perfect). Oh, and I love your hair the way you've done in the first picture. Are you wearing a ribbon?

For the second skirt, same advice. Look for something light blue or maybe brown/beige.

My foolproof strategy with skirts is that white goes with everything! I have a huge amount of different white tops, but my faves are stretchy, thick ones (H&M and sometimes Topshop make good ones).

Okay now that I've written you an essay I'm going back to my book :)

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your award and your fab new purchys!


Aline said...

what great finds and so fun to meet bloggers!

mamasarollingstone said...

yay for shopping! don't feel guilty!

Anonymous said...

Hi! The skirts are so funky, but I can see why you have troubles finding thins to wear with them!
I say keep it simple and comfy!

Ps Check out my giveaway on my blog(if you want!)

What Was I Thinking? said...

Hey Hi Fashion :)

Those types of skirts are hard to wear sometimes, I agree!

I would try picking out a colour from the skirt and wearing a top in that similar colour, it's a pretty fool proof formula.

What Was I Thinking?

Cheryl said...

You ladies deserve that award! :)

Loving your handkerchief skirt, Sherin! The cut is edgy and the color is so lady-like. I think the best top for a skirt is a tank top ( though I don't usually wear one with it,blame it on my fatty arms,hehe!)

That street photo of the 3 of you is so cute!

Unknown said...

I like how your hair looks in the ponytail! It's pretty! And those skirts are fabulous!!

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