Friday, 14 August 2009

How to wear new things

It's happened to everyone. You've just bought something new and you put it in your cupboard, waiting for that right occasion to wear it. You then forget about it and find it a year later, where it's either out of style, or doesn't fit you properly anymore. I've had to give away lots of new stuff simply because I forgot I had it and it fell to the back of my cupboard. Lately I've been doing things so that this happens less and less.

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1) Mix it in with your everyday wear. That way it's not hidden from view and you can see it everyday when you're deciding what to wear. Incorporate it with your other stuff and you'll be able to see it. If not, it'll fall back to the bottom of your closet and you'll never find it.

2) If it's somthing casual, aim to wear it in the first week or so of buying it. So you can get used to wearing it and it gives you a chance to try it out and return it if it's not 'you'.
Also, by wearing it so quickly, you won't be scared of wearing it again.

3) Take tags off them as soon as you get home and it'll lessen your perception of it being new. When I see something with a tag on in my wardrobe, I still class it as new, no matter how long its been there. By taking the tag off, you're taking the first step to being able to wear it.

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4) Find outfits that revolve around your new item. If you have a perfect outfit for you're new item, you are way more likely to wear it.

5) Plan something fun. That way you have an excuse to wear something nice and new.

Sherin xx


Luinae said...

Thank you for this post Sherin!

This is exactly what I needed- when I read the first sentance I was like "Yes, I do that exact thing"

Now I will actually check out using these tips. Bring it on!

S.Elisabeth said...

Ooh I love this post, good ideas!

Little Red said...

Great post!

I've had this happen before, though not often. Usually I'm too excited when I get something new and I wear it the next day! Hahaha!

nicola ticola ponders said...

this never happens to me, I'm always way too excited when I get new things, I usually wear them the same day I get them!

nicola xx

FabBlab said...

Nice post ;) Will definitely come in handy, I'm one of those who just go ahead buy a whole new wardrobe when a new season approaches and then forget about all the older stuff.

ana said...

You are soo right!!! thanks for the advice...

Cafe Fashionista said...

I quite love this post, Sherin! I just bought a new flowy tank from Forever 21. It arrived in the post a few days ago - I plan on wearing it tomorrow. I love wearing new items within a few days of purchasing them! :)

Cheryl said...

What you're saying is so true!

Before, I've been storing tops or dresses with tags still attached for more than 2 yrs,what a waste because usually they don't fit me anymore.

This time, I try to wear them as soon as I can.

OceanDreams said...

I am guilty, I do this all of the time and wish I could remember where the new item is stashed away. Good hints though to make it so the new items stand out, happy Friday! XO

caroLove said...

Great Post, I have actually put new clothing aside to wear it for a "special" occasion, and I never got to wear it because I forgot all about it.

xoxo anna

piglet said...

tehehe, I never have this problem! I always wear new purchases straight away because I can't wait to wear new stuff!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These are great ideas! I have the bad habit of buying things and either waiting months to wear them or waiting a year to wear them. It's sad. I will definitely have to try these tricks!

Tasha said...

Both you and Sherin come up with such creative and fun post ideas!

Also, I was wondering how did you make it so your awards and such are put into groups and just a click away on the side like that? It seems better organized that way, but I'm not sure how to do it....

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