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How to lose those few extra pounds

These tips are what I use in my everyday life and find that they work like a charm. I've found that diets and cutting out food DON'T work. They either make me grumpy or just really weak. There are only two things that usually work when I want to lose a bit of weight: eat better and be more active.

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Eat better

A good eating routine is really important. You should eat 3 meals a day (I remember when I used to skip breakfast, I used to get shattered by about 11am). Having 3 moderate meals a day gives you the energy you need and doesn't make you hungry during the day.

Also yourself some snacks. 1 chocolate bar after lunch
never hurt anyone. And, I do allow myself to eat whatever I want when it comes to birthdays or BBQ's. Its like a treat for me. But most of the time, if you are hungry for food, opt for fruit instead of junk food. Personally, I love Strawberries:
I avoid cutting out certain foods, instead I just eat them in moderation. Cutting out foods may mean that you don't get all the nutrients that you need.
For example, Carbs give you the energy you need, Proteins are good for body growth and repair and Fats also give you energy.

Be more active

Any kind of activity where you're moving your body counts. Hoovering, going for walks, and yes, even shopping counts (you're moving your legs and working your arms with those heavy bags).

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As long as you're doing something active everyday, it's ok. The trick is to find an activity that you love (for me it's football, or swimming when on holiday) and then to do it regularly.

Sherin xx

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Luinae said...

That is really great. Diets are the worst thing in the world, I could NEVER stick to one. However, I do exercise about every day because I really love it.
I do cool exercise like Capoeira and Kickboxing, as well as Dance, so it's pretty fun.

Claire said...

Exercise makes you feel so much better too!

It's not really dieting, it's all about finding something which you can stick to (and enjoy sticking to!) every day for potentially the rest of your life. A good balance of foods (as you advocate) is the best way!! No need to feel deprived, just don't have 12 biscuits when 2 would suffice.

For another, not recommended way of losing weight, I've found that a fairly prolonged period of stress works wonders! Of course, for some people, stress leads to comfort eating and weight gain.

nicola ticola ponders said...

this is so true, faddy diets are plain old rubbish, eating well and exercising more is the only way to go!

nicola xx

Cafe Fashionista said...

Great post! This reminds me that I need to get back to my exercise routine - I've been sick, so haven't had the strength to work-out in the past couple of weeks. That will change tomorrow.

Congrats on the award! :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Great advice! I always try and eat healthy too. And I'm active when I'm swimming... right now. notsomuch. gotta get on that.

greystrawberrys said...

Really good tips that i often forget. I'm either obsessing or not obsessing. I need to chill out with what i eat.



Katelynn said...

lies, your naturalyl skinny and eat all the chocolate you want <3

Maria Confer said...

These are excellent tips and tricks I use everyday.

Sophia said...

Awesome post, I do most of the same stuff. And you're right, cutting out food definitely doesn't work (I end up binging on it anyway, haha)

Eri said...

Good tips and thanks for visiting!

Hope you have enjoyed the blog, I'll also open a shop with some cool items very soon, please come and check it out.

See you soon.

Amelia said...

Nice tips! Eating 3 meals a day is soooo important.

thesydneygirl said...

i must agree with you on what works with being fit.


OceanDreams said...

This is SO SO true and thank you for saying this instead of some other crazy dieting method, this is truly the best way to be healthy!

Gold Sphere said...


monkey toes said...

i love strawberries as well and i do bicycling everyday :D

Lisa said...

If you eat nothing at all the human body will get used to eating less. This way the body's abilities are amazing, but acording to the body we are still living in the stone age. So the when you stop eating your body think it is because of a hunger is breaking out, therefore when you then loose the weight from a diet you probably will gain it again when you stop because the body think it needs to use every single amount of energy it can get to win over the hunger. ( i try to explain it very simple, but i am not any good at English)

This is a very important fact, dieting does not work in the longer run. You will have to change your lifestyle

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