Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What to wear for halloween

I love dressing up for Halloween; it is so much fun. Seeing as Halloween nearly around the corner, I thought I'd write a post about the few costumes I'm thinking of this year.


This has been a really popular one in the past. I went as a flapper last year, and Lauren Conrad has previously gone as a flapper as well.

I loved this look, and had so much fun wearing it. I was also surprised at how easy it was to pull off. All you need is a lovely flapper drss, which I got from Morgan, and then you just accessorise around it. The important things you need are a feather boa (mine was from Portobello Road Market) and a feathered headband. All the high street stores from Topshop to Accessorize do really cute ones.
Add some beaded necklaces and some dark jewellery, and you're pretty much set.
I also loved the make up for it. I usually wear light make up, so it was fun to wear really dark make up. I did smokey eyes and wore really bright red lipstick, and bright blusher.


This is definitely the one I'm going for this year, and as you can tell, I had a great time making that polyvore set. I love the all black and the lace everywhere needed for this look. You can wear asymmetric skirts and white blouses, with a black waistcoat/corset on top. As for the boots, over the knee boots are perfect!! An how perfect is that knuckle Alexandra McQueen clutch here?

The jewellery here is really fun as well. You can wear a lot of silver and black. I think wearing stacked bracelets and layered necklaces will go well.
The make up has to be very dark and very edgy. Go all out with the dark eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner, and bright red lips are a must again.
And don't forget to add a scarf around your neck and a pirate hat.


Little Red Riding Hood:

Definitely one of my favourite characters ever, and Lo B does look amazing here. I guess with this, you do go all red. I love wearing the colour red, so it should be really fun to wearing it. There are some really gorgeous red dresses out there, which shows that Red Riding Hood can also be very sexy.

As for the make up, its probably best to keep it natural and light. Red is an innocent young girl, so light make up is probably the best. Neutral coloured eye shadow and really light pink blush should be perfect.
Jewellery is something you can really have fun with here. It should be really girly, really colourful and just plain fun.
red hood
What are you all thinking of dressing up as this year, and do you have any ideas that you'd like to see in polyvore form?

Sherin xx

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Leah said...

You'll look great in a little red riding hood costume but you'll be totally rad in a pirates' outfit.

Style Search said...

I like little red riding hood outfit! You will look amazing in it! :)
Last Halloween you looked great, love blue boa!

M said...

I love all of your collages! And I actually think you can dress as a flapper at any time of the year... go with the Red Riding Hood outfit! :)

la petite fashionista said...

you make such a cute flapper! i love your polyvore sets and costume ideas. i still need to figure out what i'm going to be!

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

Love the sets you put together!

I have no idea what I'm going to be for Halloween this year! I must start thinking of something! Lo looks so cute as Little Red Riding Hood!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love that photo of you as a flapper. You look so pretty and the costume is gorgeous! I love how you make all these costumes seem so simple and fabulous. Halloween is so hard for me, because I always make my costume more complicated than it needs to be! Thanks for the tips. :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I want to be a ladybug myself. I have contemplated flapper in the past because I'm utterly obsessed with the 1920s; but I think I'd be happier as a ladybug. These are all adorable choices though. I was Little Red Riding Hood back in the second grade - I still have the hooded cape! :)

Damsels said...

how fun ... i have a very interesting idea for halloween this year .. ibetter start looking for things to pull it off ...

ana said...

Pirate!!! go as a Pirate!!!!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Love these sets they look great. hmmm pirate looks cool and so does little red riding hood

Mary-Laure said...

I'm mad about the 1920's so I just adore your Flapper style. Perfect!

Cheryl said...

You look very pretty in that flapper girl get-up. Unfortunately, they don't celebrate Halloween here so I can't dress anything fancy and funny. :(

Luinae said...

I am going to sound totally ignorant, but what do you DO on Halloween? I went trick o' treating up until I was 13- now what?

Sierra said...

Congrats on your feature and what fun Halloween ideas...I like the pirate costume. I left you a gift at my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

**gaasp** I love it!! These are such great ideas! I love your flapper costumer. Halloween is my absolute favorite. Except now that I am not in college, I dunno what I am gonna do.

Chelsea said...

I've been thinking about being a flapper for Halloween. Or just having a 1920's themed party--how fun!

E said...

Oooh, a flapper would be so fun!

Anonymous said...

Little red riding hood is a really cute idea (I've already been a pirate :-)
Also good if you have someone to be the wolf! x

Anonymous said...

I went as a Little Red Riding Hood a few years ago (ok ok it was from the Buffy-verse but it was good fun).

Thanks for the mention x

Stephanie said...

I love your costume ideas! Especially Little Red Riding Hood :-) I may even use that one this year. I just released an article on chic costumes for 2009 on my blog also... don't you just love Halloween? :-D Your site is great... I will definitely be visiting again!

Maria Confer said...

Sherin you did such an amazing job!!

Now I really want to go as little red riding hood!!!! Must find red cape.


Miss Neira said...

what a great post! love it!
my lovley costume this year will be miss Marilyn of course =)
but i love your flapper outfit choices! and you can use them on other days too!

Piglet said...

What fun costume ideas! You flapper outfit was great.

Anonymous said...

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