Sunday, 12 July 2009

Fashion in Politics: Julia Bonk

Julia Bonk is a perfect role model. She is a member of the German Parliament, and got elected when she was just 18! As a Politics Graduate myself, I really know how important it is to get young people interested in Politics.

Its quite an achievement to be the youngest office-holder in Europe. And she started off even younger. At 13, she represented her local student governement. Its clear that she is someone who really does want to make a difference, which is really rare for someone at her age.

She really wants more young people to get into politics, and have an interest in it, as well as making the education system in Germany more equal.

But she is also really cool. I mean look at that hair! Its so gorgeous.
She looks great for a politician. She's known for her t-shirts that have political messages on them as well.

My favourite outfit of hers is that blue Chinese style dress she's wearing above. You can't see it all, but what you can see is just so pretty. I would love to own one of them. Its refreshing to see a young politician, who also wear clothes that I would love to wear.

And again, theres criticism. She's been nicknamed 'the sexy Saxon' by the German media. But she does want to change things. Rather than just listen to the media, she's claimed that she won't take a back seat and will definitely change things, and will not stay as just a pretty face.

Sherin xx


la petite fashionista said...

wow! elected at 18! that is remarkable, what a smart cookie & beautiful as well!

im just getting settled into my london flat but would love to meet up sometime soon! (did you go to UCL? we're right down the street!)

renaye said...

wow! impressive!!! age is not the obstacle obviously! well she is still young and it's great to see her fashion goes!!!

Jane82 said...

I hate to disagree - but for me, she could never, ever be a role model. Why? Because she is a member of the "Linkspartei". The Linkspartei is a communist party, and many of its members have been in the SED - the party that ruled over the former DDR and is politically responsible for oppression, torture and murder that happened in this time.

Of course Ms. Bonk herself is not responsible, being too young - but I really cannot understand how someone can associate with former SED people.
Greetings from a now free und united Germany :-)

Cafe Fashionista said...

She's quite beautiful. I love the fact that she is such an unconventional looking member of government. I believe that her look would certainly help to get younger generations more involved in politics. :)

Kait said...

I love strong women who are unafraid to use their voices-especially in politics! She is simply amazing-elected at 18! While this makes me feel immensely proud of my gender I am also forced to feel a little bad about myself-what am I doing that is inspiring change? Nothing : ( I guess I should take it as inspiration instead!

I adore her hair color. I have always wanted to try this dark, almost punk-esque red but I don't know how it would work with my olive skin tone.

Great highlight entry : D

Jennifer said...

She sounds amazing. It's cool to know there are such young (and stylish) people who are so passionate about government that they become involved in it.
She's quite pretty too.

Little Red said...

Wow, elected at only 18? That's amazing. That is definitely inspirational. And it's great to see women passionate about their government. Plus, she looks fabulous!

And in response to your comment: I would definitely recommend L.A. Candy. It's cool to get a kind of behind the scenes look at a reality show. If you like The Hills or The City, I'm sure you'll enjoy the book!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

elected at 18 is quite impressive! what a gorgeous, clearly driven woman xx

Anonymous said...

Wow only 18? That is quite inspirational!! People don't realize what a great impact they can have at any age! Wonderful!

Hanako66 said...

wow, she sounds like an amazing woman!

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

She does have super cool hair love that color of red =]

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

She does have super cool hair love that color of red =]

Tasha said...

I can't believe she was only 18! That's amazing and as always this was a fanastic post!! :)

By the way I'm back from vacation....

Tiffany said...

wow, that is very cool! i love learning about young woman that are out to make a change and truly are doing something about it. it completely inspires me.

Amber said...

What a clever cutie - thanks for sharing this :) I love hearing about inspirational women from around the world.

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