Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The world's most comfortable shoes!

Because I'm officially an intern, I thought I'd look more professional and buy some more 'mature stuff'. So I sadly ditched my babies (converses) and opted for a more grown up look. Thats when I came across these babies:

Gorgeous aren't they?

I got them at an amazing price: £8!!! I got them from 'priceless shoes', which I think is part of Barratts shoes. For those of you outside the UK, Barratts is a shoe shop here.
I've never been a huge fan of Barratts shoes, but I'm officially converted.

And they are soooo comfortable. With heels and flats, I tend to wear them to people's houses first, so I know I won't have to walk a lot. Let's face it, nice shoes always hurt for the first few wears.

So I wore them to a friend's house and they felt great. It really was like slipping on a pair of Vans. And I wore them to work and they are amazingly comfortable. They are great to wear whether I'm running to get the boss coffee or just walking around. They also look great with all my outfits, from formal trousers to a cute dress.

So I went back into Barratts again a few days later and got these for £15. They are also really comfortable.

I've been lusting after a pair of pink flats since I saw Katy Perry wearing a pair in 'hot and cold'.

Sherin xx


Damsels said...

comfy and pretty
We Were Damsels

cchaoticc said...

I like this shoes. and on asos.com there is almost the same bag:D

brooke said...

wow, theyre really nice. isnt it great when you find amazing things at the places you least expect?

its awesome that they're comfortable too. How good are those buys!!


Anonymous said...

You're lucky to find a pair of shoes that looks great and are comfortable to wear! And that price!!

la petite fashionista said...

comfortable AND cheap! good deal :) I have a pair of go-to heels that I know I can wear for a long time without dying, but for work at my retail job i HAVE to wear flats :/

ana said...

Lovely shoes!!! congratulations sherin!

S.Elisabeth said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE!! There's no Barratts in the US that I know of, but there's a DSW? And 8 pounds!!! steal!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

wow those are such deals love! comfy heels are the best

Cafe Fashionista said...

The pumps are cute, but since I have horrible balance, I must say that the flats truly tickle my fancy. The color is divine. I covet them! :)

La Couturier said...

What adorable finds!

La C.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Cute shoes...I especially adore the flats.

Tiffany said...

I love them both! great picks, and great prices!

Cheryl said...

The light choco brown shoes can go well with other colors while the pink flats are so cute. I love flats and will always be a flats girl.:)

Jackie said...

Those pink flats are sweet, but those brown shoes are beautiful/fantastic/awesome!

I rarely wear high heels, but I could see myself actually wearing those shoes (even on days void of special occasions)!

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