Tuesday, 16 June 2009

This one's for the Girls:

Tasha from the Hot Spot has written an inspirational post. She wrote how women tend to be more catty towards each other, especially behind backs.

Image thanks to Tomi Tapio

She then went on to say that this needed to change and then complimented some of the female bloggers.
Well I was one of them. Tasha wrote the most amazing things about me and a few other bloggers. Firstly, this made my day. I seriously was so happy reading the wonderful things she'd written about me. Then I got thinking, more of us should do this. More women should compliment each other and share what they love about one another. So I've decided to follow Tasha's footsteps and write about the bloggers who are simply inspirational and absolutely lovely. Narrowing it down to just a few was probably one of the hardest things. A lot of you ladies behind the blogs are really talented and have amazing blogs.

Tasha is an amazing person. She is really gorgeous and looks good in all her outfit posts. You can tell from her posts that she is just such a nice person and that she has some really good values. Her posts are very well written and you can see that she puts a lot of herself in what she writes. She really deserves to be very happy and have all her dreams come true.

My friend and partner in crime for this blog. She's living on the other side of the world right now and I really miss her. If it wasn't for her, this blog probably would have fallen apart in the last few months. She really is an amazing girl and I can't imagine my last year of university without her. She is definitely one of the nicest person I've met and the worldcould do with more people like her.

She was the first person to ever comment on our blog and that meant a lot to us. She has a really amazing blog and she is really creative with how she posts her ideas. She has some really great ideas and its always a pleasure reading her blog. She seems like such a fun, outgoing person and I'm sure shes brilliant to be around.

She has amazing style. She looks great in all her outfit posts and is just stunning. She always looks like she's having a blast in front of the camera and I love some of her poses. She has a fabulous blog and has some really great outfits. She's great inspiration!

She has a lot of really great posts. She does a lot of research for her posts and the effort she puts in is clear. Her posts are creative and original. Both Leia and I are certain that if she lived any closer, we'd be great friends and would go on endless shopping trips together.

So have fun with your girl friends and let anyone who deserves it know just how they've touched your life.

Sherin xx


Damsels said...

i lvoe district of chic!
women shuold def. be less catty!
We Were Damsels

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Compared to normal life women tend to be a lot nicer to each other in the blogosphere :)

That's a lovely picture of you and you friend!

(Tomi Tapio has some great animal shots btw don't you think? I just got permission to use one of his squirrel pics that I need for a job I'm doing :)

A said...

Aw this was a sweet post! And that is a very pretty photo of you ladies!! I've always felt like we women would accomplish so much more if we supported each other rather than tearing each other down so much.

Leia said...

Aww I love that pic of you and Marilena! And thank you <3

The Budget Babe said...

fashion bloggers are an especially friendly bunch! it's so inspiring. thanks for the great reminder :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is the sweetest post ever. Thank you so much for adding me to your list of "girls." Both you and Leia are my girls, as well. Love this so, so much! :)

Couture Carrie said...

This is such a wonderful and uplifting post! Your words are the sweetest!


Hanako66 said...

this is so sweet:)

I look forward to explore the bloggers that I do not already know!

Cheryl said...

Women are sometimes catty because of that in-born thing to compete with/outdo each other. As for me, I'd gladly take the backseat and be a friend to everyone, it's much more rewarding but I don't like to be abused by some so called "friends".

Thanks for sharing this post to us. This is so uplifting. :)

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