Sunday, 21 June 2009

Style Swap with E

I felt like we haven't done a style swap in age! They are definitely my favourite posts to do. It gives us an opportunity get to know all you lovely bloggers. This time we got to interview the gorgeous and extremely stylish E from District of Chic.

Where do you live?
Washington, DC

Why did you decide to start a blog?
For starters, I started getting into fashion blogs because I would get so excited to get a new fashion magazine, breeze through the photo editorials (because that’s all I really cared about), and toss it. Then I found all these great blogs and it was like opening a new spread every day. Eventually I thought, oh Hell, why I don’t I give this a shot…

Where are your favourite places to shop?
Yoox, Forever 21, H&M, Mango, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, occasionally shopbop, random websites that strike my fancy, various thrift stores

What is your favourite piece of clothing?
Wow, that is a loaded question… I’m pretty sure this changes daily, but as of right now, I would say my Topshop “space hooker heels" (as one of my guy friends has so eloquently dubbed them) seen here.

How would you define your personal style?
I guess I would say it’s reflective of my mood and constantly changing. Some days I want to be saucy, some days I want to be girly. Sometimes I see a look or an editorial and think: I want to be that girl.

What are your hobbies and how do you like to relax?
I horseback ride, which is very time consuming, so I would say that’s my main hobby. However, this blogging thing would be a close second! I really look forward to coming home and reading my favorite blogs every night – it’s very relaxing.

What is something unique to you?
I was actually born and raised in the DC area – it’s a very transient city, so I feel like precious few people that live here are actually from here.

What is your favourite city and why?
Paris Paris Paris! I’m in complete awe of that city and, in the whole year I lived there, that feeling never wore off. I hope to go back in the near future, but I don’t think I could stay there for any less than two weeks, so it will require planning. I also adore New Orleans – being there is like being in a time capsule and the people are so laid-back and easy going.
What are your plans for the future?
Crap, I feel like this question was easier to answer when I was in college. My only real plans right now are to keep traveling and hopefully revisit Europe in the (near-er) future. I would also like to start painting again, but I think that’s going to have to wait until we have a house and not a one bedroom apartment so I don’t gas my husband with turpentine fumes.

Thanks so much E. Don't forget to check out her blog here. She is extremely talented and has great style

Sherin xx


Cafe Fashionista said...

Fabulous interview! I'm off to check out her blog right now! :)

proudly says, said...

good interview!

D of C has a nice blog!

E said...

Thank you thank you so much! I'm so flattered you featured me!!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Omg that is such an amazing idea... I love getting to know other bloggers. Can't wait to check out her blog

Tasha said...

I love your style swap! I also really like District of Chic's Blog and style! Good choice!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

She is one of my faves. She can mix hi- and lo fashion like nobody's business, and look classic and edgy at once. She is hands down a fabulous dresser.

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