Thursday, 18 June 2009

From Street Chic to Traditional Chic

The other day, I had two very different events to go to, and only half an hour to change in between them. The first was in the early afternoon and was a street party for the opening of a new bar. It was a lot of fun and I spent the afternoon in a casual summer outfit, while laying in the sun in the middle of a street. Now that's an afternoon well spent. I decided to wear a nice dress which I bought from a local shop and then add leggings and a pair of flats. Not my usual style (as Leia pointed out), but I liked it.

The second event was slightly harder to dress for. It was a more traditional do, which I always have trouble dressing for. I knew it'd be an evening of mingling with respectable old women (fun times) so I had to dress modestly. I opted to stick to a nice south asian outfit. I wanted to mix the traditional suit with more fashionable items, but no mixture I put together looked that good.

What I enjoy the most about going traditional is the shoes I get to wear. And these shoes are really comfortable. I also loved the earrings I wore in the evening. I bought them from Spain and they always liven up an outfit. But I do need advice on how to dress modestly, and still have my own twist to the outfit. And ideas?

Sherin xx


E said...

Those earrings are gorgeous!!! And I love how your experimental look turned out - totally worth the risk :-)

Claire said...

Love how you pulled off an outfit that's not your usual - it helps t keep things fresh when you push yourself!!!

And whilst I'm sure there are ways to twist the traditional, it looks so lovely that I'm not sure I'd want to!

Damsels said...

love those shoes .your traditional style is great!
We Were Damsels

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

awesome shoes!! they look gorgeous and comfortable and lovely earrings too xx

greystrawberrys said...

i really like both of those outfit you wore, i love the dress on the top one too! I think thats my favourite. x

Cafe Fashionista said...

You seem to always look fabulous - no matter whta you put on. Love those earrings! :)

ana said...

You look awesome in both outfits

cheryl said...

Love your shoes and the earrings, Mama Mia! I so love the design. :) With the 2nd photo, I think a good combination for that long and flowy top would be a black skinny jean or something fitted and tapered? ;)

Tasha said...

Hey Sherin!

I just got a chance to read your post from Tuesday! What you said about me was so sweet! I'm so glad you liked my idea and decided to do it too! That's what I was hoping people would do!!!

By the way, your outfits are fabulous! I especially like the first one! I thought it was very creative!!

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