Monday, 4 May 2009

You and your high-top sneakers and your sailor tattoos

Personally, I think that EVERY girl should own at least one pair of Converses. I own 5 (whereas Leia has none, but I'll change that) and I think they are the best shoes ever! I got my first pair about 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since. They were classic black and white high-tops and are still worn at least once or twice a week.

Converses are classic, simple, cool and versatile. I love them because they are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and go with everything from a pair of jeans to a short skirt. Literally, they do go with everything. I've worn them with skirts, jeans and shorts, and they've looked nice with all of them.

You can express yourself with them. They come in a ton of different styles and colours so there's something for everyone. Seriously, they come in every style you can imagine or want. From plain low-tops to graffiti style hi-tops. You can even get a plain pair
and draw on them or decorate them yourself. Now how many shoes can you do that with?

I wear my favourite pair really scruffy and messy and just wear them all the time...I think it shows. As you can see mine are in awful condition but I still wear them with pride...a lot. Actually, when I got my white ones, I rubbed them on grass just to get them a bit dirty! My mum was not happy...but I was. I wear my Converses everywhere. They look good at uni, when I'm shopping with my friends, to gigs and my brother once wore them to a wedding with a suit. I think he wanted to be David Tennant in Doctor Who.

The great thing is that you really don't have to look after them. Mine are ripped and battered and are still as comfortable as the day I first got them. You can wear and tear them and they still look good. They are completely durable and hard wearing. You can take them anywhere and they'll still live. I took mine to the mountains in the Lake District, while it was raining, and they still came back in one peace.
My shoes don't really last very long, so the fact that I've had a pair of Converses for over 5 years is really saying something.

Here are a few of my favs from various online sites.

(Title: 'Old White Lincoln' by the Gaslight Anthem)


Nooruska said...

Converse, oh yes! I still don't have mine tho 60 euros fair a pair is quite a lot at the moment.

Claire said...

I do love my Converse, although I reognise that they're not the most flattering on me (I've got big feet!!!!). So I tend not to wear them with skirts/shorts. They look good with jeans though±

And I loooove the David Tennant in Dr. Who look!! Well, I just love the Tennant, he can do no wrong!

che idrees said...

I know converse is the best comfy shoes I had.. but I gave it to my bestfriend cos she really liked it :) LOL!


Harriet said...

I've never owned any converse (I suspect my style may be quite similar to Leia's!) but I have to admit I'm quite tempted by your post... I have a lecturer who always matches his converse to his t-shirts - he has loads of pairs!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Converse = love. I have over 5 pairs, all in different colors!

E said...

Honestly, I think that exact pair of old black high-tops are in my closet right now... I need to bust those bad boys out...

Azreen said...

" I own 5 (whereas Leia has none, but I'll change that) and I think they are the best shoes ever!"
Change that? CHANGE that?
sorry. that's just. hilarious.
leia-poo would never ever ever ever buy/wear a pair of converse. ever.

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