Saturday, 2 May 2009

Style Swap with The Hot Spot

I was lucky to have the lovely Tasha from The Hot Spot for our style swap. She has an amazing blog so check it out.

Why did you choose to start a blog?

I read an article in Teen Vogue about Fashion Blogs, and how this may be a great way to get yourself out there. It mentioned how blogs like the ones on blog spot can open doors for you. I was interested by that, and by how it seemed like the bloggers were a “well knit” community.

Where do you get your inspirations for your blog posts?

I get inspiration from celebrity fashionistas, from models, and just from people on the street! I see how something looks great on one person and I try to make it my own. I also like scanning magazines for new ideas. Pictures I find really inspiring, has a really great collection of all sorts of pictures! Of course, fellow bloggers are inspiring too!

What are your favorite places to shop?

Well, I live in a small town in Indiana, so I am limited on great places to shop. The closest mall is 45 minutes away, but when I go there, I always shop at Forever 21. That is my absolute favorite store right now. Forever 21 has unique clothes and fun accessories, all for a good price. I also like Charlotte Russe. They have wonderful heels! H & M is also a great store. For my makeup needs, I go online to They have good quality makeup for an amazing price.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

One of my favorite pieces of clothing right now is a buttoned down blue shirt from Forever 21. It stops right below my elbow. It’s quite versatile. I can dress it up or wear it casual. I wouldn’t have thought when I bought it that it would become one of my favorite pieces. I also love my leopard cardigan. It makes me feel confident and bold! I think it’s good to have pieces of clothing that make you feel that way.

How would you define your style?

My style is classy, romantic, and a bit fun. It continues to evolve.

What are your future plans?

I would love to have a job in the fashion industry. My heart is in fashion. I’m not sure yet whether I want to design clothes or maybe even be an interior designer. So I suppose design, not sure if clothes or homes! :)

What is your favorite city, or where would you want to live/work and why?

I hope to one day live in a city booming with fashion. I’ve always wanted to go to Rome and to London. Those are places that have always stuck out to me. Also, I’d love to travel to Greece at some point. It looks breathtakingly beautiful there!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

That’s a tough one. It’s hard to limit it to just one person, since I’m inspired by so many, but I guess right now I’d have to say Lauren Conrad. I think she has incredible style. I love how she carries herself too. Although drama may follow her, she isn’t the start of it. She is a good role model for today’s girls. She dresses with taste, and always wears the most amazing things! I’ve recently heard that she is going to have an exclusive clothing line at Kohl’s starting in October! Clothes ranging from $20-$60! I am super excited for that! Affordability is something that is important to me when buying clothes. I would love to have the wardrobe Lauren has!

Sherin xx


Zarna said...

very cool!


Emz said...

She does have a fabulous blog =) Yours is cute too!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Fabulous interview, Sherin. I agree with Tasha, Lauren Conrad is such a style inspiration. She can do no wrong when it comes to clothes and accessories! :)

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