Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hat? What hat? A new hat?

I love hats! They look great and are very useful for rainy or bad hair days. Unfortunately, I have a ridiculously small head, so normal hats look like I've got a sack on my head, and aren't very flattering on me.
But I decided to be adventurous the other day and overcome my fear of hats: And so I bought my first ever hat! It was a plain black hat (gotta start small) from H&M. I have to admit, I loved it. I wore it shopping today and had strands of my hair scrumpled up in it and I felt great!

(Apologies for the messy room. I promise I'll clean it after my exams are over)

I wore the hat backwards, which I know only 12 year old boys are allowed to do, but I felt super cool, despite my mum's 'Why on earth is your hat backwawrds? I mean how old are you?'

And above is my first real outfit post. Leia has far more interesting things to wear, so her outfit posts are always fab. I just stick to jeans on an everyday basis *sigh*.

I love those shorts: I got them on shopping trip (the one designed to show off the hat). I bought them from my local Cancer Research Charity shop for only £5! They are H&M and are unworn. I know this because they still had the H&M tag on.

But I have no idea what shoes to wear with this outfit. I'm wearing white Converses in the photo, but wasn't too happy with how they looked here. Anyone have any ideas about shoes??

Sherin xx


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ballerina flats! You could wear them in just about any color, and they would look fab with this outfit. For some reason ballerina flats are to tights what peanut butter is to jelly - a marvelous combo!

La Fée said...

I love the hat!! you look very pretty in it :)

xs said...

i have hat fear too; i'm glad you overcame yours. what about some boots?

Claire said...

For an editorial look, you could go for gladiator-type heels (perhaps black, wide elastic straps). Or flat shoe-boots. Yeah, that one!

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