Saturday, 18 April 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I love Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think she is gorgeous and she has an amazing style in her show 'Ghost Whisperer'. She wears really vintage and gothic clothes and she looks absolutely stunning. I've been looking for dresses and tops like that for a really long time. While Googling it, I found that I'm not the only one who loves her outfits, and that no one else can find the exact same items either.

I found this blog that focuses on Love's style during the show, and it is a good place to get ideas about her style.

The look is mainly long flowery tops, paired with gothic dresses and skirts. I reckon I could pick up stuff like that from a lot of shops, then wear it in a kind of way that Hewitt does.

While reading online, I saw that her stylist buys a dress and then might make it into a skirt and top to create a unique vintage look. You could probably get a lot of the looks by looking through your local thrift stores, and it'll help you practice making items look more unique.

The Polyvore sets below have items similar to those that she wears on the show and by getting a few of those, you could make the look.


Couture Carrie said...

I love her, too, and I adore her style, both on TV and off. She has the most beautiful hair also!
Fab collage!


Artistic said...

Jennifer love hewitt is cute;P

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

She really is gorgeous. My ex boyfriend was totally obsessed with her, so I think I resent her a bit for that, but she does have killer hair! xo

Harriet said...

She's so pretty, and I *love* her clothes on Ghost Whisperer so thanks for the link to that blog and your style tips!

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