Thursday, 30 April 2009

Idil Vice Fashion Rocks

We were recently contacted by Idil Vice Fashion Rocks about a brilliant offer: They are offering 10% off for all you guys.

Idil Vice is an amazing online store. They sell clothes with images of key idols such as Elvis Presley, Miles Davis and Bob Marley. They also have clothes with some the best rock bands in history on them, such as The Who, The Sex Pistols and Guns n Roses. As a proclaimed 'rocker', I love the stuff they have. The items are unique and you're unlikely to find them anywhere else. Give some of my faves from the website a look:

What they do that's brilliant is that you can email them a specific idol that you want to put on a pice of clothing, and they'll try to make it for you. They also make custom adjustments for you if you need it.

Idil Vice, the designer, also has a blog so check it out for more details here.
They also deliver worldwide, so we can all enjoy the products!

Just use the word 'hifashion' at checkout as a promo code and get your 10% off.

Sherin xx

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