Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I've always liked Beachy hair, especially in the summer. Its a cool and casual look and looks great in the sun. Normally, you can get the hairstyle by spending time on the beaches and in the sea. Unfortunately, I live hours away from the sea, so I've had to make do with a more artificial method of achieving this look.
To get this look, this is what you do:
1) Wash your hair. Pretty straightforward. If you already have curly or wavy hair, I'd recommend using a shampoo and conditioner that emphasises the curls. Lots of companies do products for curly hair, so go to your local store and see whats on offer. Personally, I use Toni & Guy. It works really well for my hair.

2) Next you want to blowdry your hair, and add volume to it. I skip this step because I have really thick and heavy hair, so I don't need any more volume. To really add volume, put your head upside down and blow dry.

3) Get yourself a good pair of wide barrel curlers and curl. I recommend these. They are absolutely brilliant. Mine aren't wide barrel, but you can get wide ones from the same company. Be sure to add heat protective spray to your hair before you curl. Remember to section your hair when you're curling. That way you know how you're doing etc. The curls don't have to be perfect because messy hair is all part of this look.
4) You should wait for your hair to cool, then loosen your curls. The best way is not to use a brush or comb, but to use your fingers instead.

5) To add the finishing touches, spray beach curl spray on your hair. Beach curl spray is really good and does actually work. I use Toni & Guys Beach Curl Spray and it really makes a difference and gives my hair that beachy look.
But, I think you can make beach spray on your own. I haven't tried this yet, but I read that if you mix water and sea salt and put it in a spray bottle and spray it, its supposed to do the same thing. I'm not to sure how well this works, so if you've tried it, let me know how it works.
If you do have really curly hair, there is an easier way of getting beachy hair. Wash your hair late at night and don't do anything to it. Sleep on it wet and in the morning, just curl the strands that may need curling and add the beach curl spray and you're good to go.
Also, I went shopping a few days ago. I wasn't supposed to but I needed cheering up after Manchester United got knocked out of the FA Cup. I went to my beloved Crouch End to see what I could get to make myself feel better, not to mention take a break from all my revision. I got such a pretty dress. I did use the 'one week rule' on this one. I saw it when I went about 10 days ago and restrained myself from buying it, which I later regretted. But I saw it again and had to buy it. All I need now is a bit more sun to wear it in.


Cari (isnotfashion) said...

Your hair turned out amazing! xo Cari

Maverick Malone said...

Me too! Growing up as a teen I always wanted blonde messy/beach hair!! Now I do it a lot :) Thanks for the tips, though!

xox, mavi

kelly said...

great tip! and your hair is soo pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute are you?! Usually, I get beach hair by going to the beach ... but I´ll have to remember these tips for when I´m landlocked. :)

Bucca said...

Lovely dress! you are so lucky to be heading into summer - it's almost winter here!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Kate Hudson always has the most amazing beachy hair. You did a marvelous job perfecting it. And with that cute dress? You look wonderful, darling!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I love beachy hair look... it is so young and fresh :)
Great suggestions.

DreamyGirl22 said...

That's great that you gave directions on how to make your hair look like that! That's helpful! Your hair looks great by the way! Also I love that dress!

I hope I didn't spoil anything about Ghost Whisperer....afterwards I thought, oh no what is she hasn't seen the new episodes!! So I'm sorry about that! Just ignore everything I said! lol

have a great day!

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