Sunday, 29 March 2009

What to do over summer

As a university student, I have ridiculously long summer holidays, which I love for the first week, then I just get bored and complain for the next 3 months. So I'm going to plan my summer and make a list of things to do to keep me occupied.

Find a job or intern.
The most obvious choice. I never wanted a proper full time job over the summer because I usually want to relax, but this is probably the best thing to do. You get some money for shopping, and you're doing something with your time.
It'll also be useful in the future as well. Just send you C.V.'s out or give them to stores you want to work in.
Prospects and Milkround are both good websites to find jobs. Or you could go to the careers centre of your school or university. They are always helpful to student who are looking for jobs.

This is what I really want to do this summer. Helping out at your local charity shop or with charity organisations is a great way to spend your summer. Volunteering is a great thing to do and looks really good on your CV. Although you're unlikely to get paid for your time, it is still time well spent. You're helping others and gaining great experience that will come in handy when applying for a job.
If you're in the UK, click here for a good volunteering website, and click here for the US.

Find a new hobby
There's no better time to pick up something new than when you have nothing to do. The summer can be a great time to pick up some new skills or a new hobby. You can do things like learn how to ice skate or rock climb, or do more challenging things such as learning how to cool or sew. Cooking and sewing are both very important and once you've learnt them, they'll come in handy your whole life. There are useful tutorials online, just google what you want to learn and you'll get some great ways of starting and will also be able to see if anywhere local to you holds courses in what you want to learn.
You could also learn the basics of a new language. I did a French A level, and that was 3 years ago. This summer I'm going to find my old notes and just look over them to refresh my memory. Another language will always look good when applying for jobs.

Days out
These days planes and trains are easily accessible and aren't too expensive either. Living in London means that I can just take the Eurostar to anywhere in Europe. It won't take long to get there and it wont break my bank balance either. I spent yesterday on a shopping trip in Calais. We drove to Dover, then took a ferry to Calais and then drove to a shopping centre. It didn't take long to get there and all we had to pay for was the cost of one car.
If you want to stay more local, theres lots you can do. Go to your local beach or theme park. Thorpe Park is my favourite place to go and is truely a day well spent. You can also go for Museums, Galleries, Aquariums or Zoos. Just see what there is near you and grab a few friends and just have fun.

I have been working really hard, so I'm looking forwards to a bit of relaxing this summer. The best thing to do is get a good book and your MP3 Player, take them to the park and read in the sun.
Or have a picnic. Summer means nice weather (we think), so pack a picnic, get a few board games and plan a day in the park with your friends. We did this last summer (before it started raining) and it was fun. We went to Hyde Park and just chilled out. You can also get a football or frisbee and play in the sun. You'll be having fun, and technically this counts as exercise.
The best way to relax is shopping. You don't have to buy anything. A few of you can go and just walk around, and then grab some lunch. Just hanging out with friends and not really doing anything is always fun.

So make the most of your summer and don't waste it. Enjoy the sun (Sun, what sun? I don't see a sun) and have fun with your friends.


Maverick said...

I know what you mean! I'm already doing two internships this semester, and I'm hoping to get another one this summer. You can never have too much experience.

I always look foraward to summer and then when it hits I'm always so busy and never have time to enjoy the nice weather!

x. mavi

Victoria C said...

These are all my goals for summer as well, I can't wait for this university semester to be done! xx

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