Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What I Love On A Guy

Leia and I have completely different tastes when it comes to guys ad what they wear. The following outfits on guys are way into my heart.

I think the best dressed guy in TV at the moment is Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. He has amazing style, isn't afraid to wear interesting colours and always looks immaculate.
This look is perfectly put together, and consists of tailor made clothes, from really high end stores. But you can easily pick up this stuff from shops like H&M and New Look. So key things in this look are waistcoats, cardigans, shirts (I like coloured ones), nice trousers and amazing shoes.

men - by sherin88 on Polyvore.com

men1 - by sherin88 on Polyvore.com

I also like a more casual look on guys. So checkered shirts or cool t-shirts, a nice pair of jeans and some good trainers (ie Converses). My brother one wore an outfit like this to wedding and he managed to pull it off.

men2 - by sherin88 on Polyvore.com

In summer, I think cropped trousers or shorts are perfect. This look is casual and looks so cute on a guy.

men 3
men 3 - by sherin88 on Polyvore.com

Click on the sets to find out where each item is from. Although a guy in good clothes looks brilliant, he also has to have the confidence to pull off each look.

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