Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cricket Got Fashionable

I wasn't going to put up a post until tomorrow because of all my coursework, but I had to for this. I'm a huge sports fan - I loving watching and playing sports. I was watching the womens cricket last night, which was Pakistan v. England (England won), and was so impressed by the English kit. It really was something I would wear.
It is so hard to be into sport AND into fashion. I'll spend hours deciding what to wear before going to a match of any kind. But I will happily buy the new England Kit.

The girls were wearing really nice fitting blue tops, with a red line acound the v-neck. And the tops had a white collar to them. It really did look nice. The kit and uniform was designed with the help of Paul Costelloe, who is one one the biggest names in British Fashion today.
I'm going to Lords over the summer and I can't wait to get the top to wear to the matches.

Now if you like this look, but don't want to wear it as a sports look, you can easily pick up the essentials of the look anywhere.
Below, both the top and jumper are from New Look. I added the Cord bracelet because a lot of the girls were wearing it. I've been looking for a racelet like this for ages, and can't find it anywhere. The one below is from Forever 21, which we don't have here in England.

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Epoch Vintage said...

Cool Post...I see no reason why you shouldn't look sexy playin Cricket..!!

verina oei said...

heyy i adore ur sense of style,i have a problem,cud u help me? i have a black slingback heels,i wanna pair them with my mini dress,so what do i need to wear,black full legging or ankle legging,coz its slingback n half peep toe,gonna be a fashion disaster if i wear full legging??:P

Sherin said...

Hiya, thanks. Well, Leia's the expert here, but personally, I would go for the ankle leggings because of the peep toe, but it won't be a disaster if you wear full ones. Why don't you try them both on, then takes pics and see which ones look better.

Leia said...

Hi Verina! If I were you, I would wear tights rather than leggings - is that an option? :)

verina oei said...

whats the diff between thighs n leggings?i dont get it
then the ankle length legging/thighs it is?
thanks alott,i shud go to this blog whenever i need fashion advice.the expert it is

Leia said...

Tights cover your feet and are generally made out of nylon or thinner material, whereas leggings are often thicker and cut off around the ankles or higher. I think what you meant by "full legging" might be what I mean by "tights." I think both might look okay, but if it were me I would probably wear tights, or something that covered the toes as well!

Hope that makes sense! x

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