Monday, 16 March 2009

Coloured Trainers

I don't own any really coloured sneakers/trainers, and I doubt I could actually pull them off, but I love the look of them. Now that summer is round the corner, it is time to add some colour to our lives! Colour is really going to be big this summer, so coloured trainers will be great to invest in.
Everyone is wearing them. In the picture, you can see Heidi Klum in an amazing pair put together with a pair of skinny jeans.

Even Jessica Szohr's Gossip Girl character, Vanessa, wear them. She definitely has the best look in Gossip Girl. Her coloured sneakers add personality to the outfit and makes her look so much cooler.

They will look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a nice large t-shirt. Skinny jeans means that you'll properly be able to show off the shoe.
In the polyvore piece below, the pinkish hi-tops and green ones are Vans, The black coloured ones and the white coloured ones are Converses and the other pair are Nike. The jeans are from Dorothy Perkins and the tee is from Urban Outfitters. Lots of shoe companies are making coloured trainers now, so theres no excuse not to have a pair. I'm going shopping for a pair as soon as I'm done with all my coursework. This look is all about having fun with your shoes, and you could even get a plain white pair of trainers and graffiti them yourself. I would if I was more artistic. So be bold with your shoes and add lots of colour to your outfit.

coloured shoes
coloured shoes - by sherin88 on


Devonbella said...

love the shoes! x

verina oei said...

i think its too is still okay tho.
converse is my fave

ps: i have a fashion blog tooo.its my first fashion blog
do the vote n see the result,will only take 15secs
we cud share n giving fashion advice

Epoch Vintage said...

Great post...I hate it when something looks so good on someone else but looks terrible on me...I typically try it anyways...Love the sneaks...

Emz said...

I love the sneakers! There's actually a whole collection of them in Lucky april issue!

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