Thursday, 19 March 2009

The best curlers around?

We all know GHD's are the best straighteners ever, but since I got my pair last year, I've also been looking for the best curlers ever (not straighteners that you can curl with, because my hair fights back when I do this). I naturally have really curly hair, but I needed curlers for bad hair days or to neaten my hair (I have wild hair).
I saw a great pair at London Fashion Weekend, during the Toni & Guy presentation. They looked really good, but I wasn't able to find out what brand they were or where they came from. Anyway, I went to my aunts house last week to check out the curlers she just got and had been boasting about for a while. I saw them and realised that they were the same pair that I saw during the Toni & Guy show (there is a God!!). They were called 'Herstyler Baby Curls Grande' (lets just call them The Curlers).
So I rushed home and googled them, and found them on Amazon for only £34 and I ordered them then and there. They came yesterday and I took them for a test run. They heated really quickly, which is great and it was so easy to use. Unlike the majority of curlers, you have to hold your hair in place (they also came with gloves so that you don't burn your hand when curling). Anyway, my hair came out great - none of the pictures I took of my hair came out that well, so I've only got pictures of the actual curlers.


Cari said...

I have straight hair and I use this curling iron that has a swirl guide(no other way to describe...) and it makes my hair super curly.

kaitlyn said...

ohhh my friend has a curling iron like that one. i have naturally curly hair, too. and that kind of curler is AMAZING when it comes to touching up my hair. it's the only one that makes natural-looking curls.

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