Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Looks Fashion Swap

Me and Leia recently took part in the Fashion Swap, hosted by Look. Basically, it was where you give your old stuff and then get to have a look at what ever else has been given, and can pretty much take stuff for free. I was pretty sceptical of this, and scared that there may be nothing good when it came to getting stuff. I was pleasantly surprised.
About two weekend's ago, me and Leia both dropped off about 10 items each into the Look shop, just off Carnaby Street. We gave everything, from coats to shoes, bags to tops. After looking through each item and giving it a price according to item and label, we were given an amount of points to spend. For example, a coat from a high end designer was 100 points, while one from the hi street was 40 points. Both of us were given about 250 points to spend.
The following weekend was when all the stock was put out and we could pick what we wanted. The event started at 10am, and me and Leia thought we were being clever when we decided to meet just before 11am. Unfortunatley, everyone else had the same idea and the queue outside was long enough for me to nearly give up. Leia reassured me, and we joined the back of the queue. My scepticism came back along wit the fear that nothing good would be left by the time we got in there. We were told that they kept changing the stock and were letting people in every 10 minutes, and only letting people stay for 30 mins. The organisation was brilliant and I was really impressed, especially since it was the first of its kind. An hour and half later we were let in the shop and my first impressions were 'Ahhh, so many people and clothes everywhere!!' No kidding, it was chaotic. We took deep breaths and started our mission.
I was expecting a lot of weird and ugly stuff, but gosh was I wrong. Within minutes I'd found Abercrombie jeans (they were to small, but none the less there). After about 15-20 minutes both me and Leia had full arms and made our way to the checkout.
Heres what I got:
A skirt. I'm not a skirt wearer, and am rarely seen in one, but I loved this. I've seen a lot of skirts in shops that I like, but never wanted to spend money on them. But this was free. I saw it as a chance for me to try something new with my style, and if I never wear it again: oh well, it was free.

Love at first sight. I was in the queue when I saw this. I was holding a white coat that was the same price (60 points). I practically threw the coat then and there as I picked this. Later, whilst examining it, I found out that it was from Warehouse. How great is that.

I had to get this bag. Its from River Island. I actually saw it in River Island about a year ago and really liked, but did not want to spend a lot of money on it. I can't recall how much it was then, but I think you guys can imagine how happy I was when I saw it at the Swap event.

I like this one. It doesn't look like anything too special. Its from Ralph Lauren and I love t-shirts. This is just something nice and casual to wear in Summer (if it ever comes).

A pair of jeans from Republic. When I tried them on, they fit beautifully. Another item that is really casual and I can wear it a lot. It was in perfect condition.

Something that I actually needed. I was on the lookout for a pair of skinny jeans and was actually planning to get a pair from H & M in the next few weeks. So finding these really saved me some money.

This wasn't anything I picked up, it was the carrier bag you got to put all your stuff in. It was £2, but definitely worth it. All proceeds went to Jo’s Trust, a charity for cervical cancer. Its massive and can fit so much into it. I'm going to take this next time I go shopping.

So, that was the event. It was definitely something I'd do again. I got rid of my old clothes and picked up some good items. If you ever hear of anything like this going on near you, I'd recommend that you go to it. I'm also not so wary of doing a clothes swap with all my friends. Its a great to save money and pick up some great stuff.

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Cheryl said...

Wow, I love this! If only they also do this thing here I would be dancing around with glee. ;)

Those bags are beautiful and that mini skirt too. Mini skirt and the RL shirt, perfect sunny summer outfit to me. :) Can't wait to see you wearing these things here, Sherin!

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