Monday, 16 February 2009

Dressing Table Essentials

This is kind of linked to Leia's previous post about daily make up. There are soooo many beauty products out there these days that it can be hard to know what and what not to buy. This list is the essentials and the things you can use on a daily basis. Seeing as we have young skin, I haven't put concealer and foundation on the list. But I know Leia is an avid concealer user, so maybe she'll put something up about concealer and how to use it properly (when I put it on, I look like some kind of weird animal).
Its a long list, and even I'm shocked at this because I don't wear that much make up. But it is important to have all the essentials there on one table, in case you ever need it.

The face is very important and needs to be treated well. I always start the say with face cream. It can be hard to find the perfect face cream, and I went through a process of trial and error when looking for the one that goes best with my skin. I now use Olay, and have been using it for years. It is really light and has a soft fragrance to it and is ideal for my skin. Other good face creams are Nivea, Clinique and Lancome. If you have sensitive skin, Clinique is absolutely brilliant.
Spot cream is also very useful to have on your dressing table. I use Clean and Clear treatment Gel, and it really does work overnight. I don't get many spots, but when I do, I find that getting cream on it quickly reduces the redness of a spot and also gets rid of it quickly.
Having a good blusher is also essential. I have 2 different ones. One is a casual/light one from H&M which I use during the day, just to add colour to my cheeks, and the other one is slightly darker and is a bit sparkly. That's from No 7. Its good to have 2, so your cheeks look different depending on the occasion.

For me the most important make up. There are so many things you can do with your eyes, that you can have many different looks for it.
You need good eyeliners. I have both liquid and pencil eyeliners, and both in black, so that my eyes really stand out, but you can usually get any colour that you want. Black is probably the colour thats worn the most in terms of eye liner. Both my eye liners are from Rimmel. They do some great liquid eyeliner. They're brushes are quite thin, so you can wear eyeliner everyday without looking too made up. Maybelline also do good eyeliners. I really like they're liquid eyeliners.
Next for eyes is mascara. At the moment I'm using No 7's 'Lash 360' and it is amazing. Along with mascara, you need eye lash curlers. Personally, I don't think it matters what brand you get, and boots is probably the best place to get them from. Lots of people don't like using them, but they are very useful to have and really do make a difference. I use the eyelash curlers before I put on mascara.
Next you need some good eyeshadows. I think its definitely worth investing in a box of 4. I have 2 sets of eyeshadows. One is from Revlon and has a Silver, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Maroon. The second set is from H&M and has a White, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black. This set is perfect for re-creating the 'Smokey Eyes' look.

Vaseline is the best thing for lips in the history of mankind. Seriously, it is amazing. I like to carry one with me at all times. Lipstick's, Lip Liners, and Lip Glosses are also key. There are so many different brands that do good lip stuff, that its just a question of going out and seeing what you like. Neutral colours are best for a daily use. They add colour to your lips without looking to heavy. As for lip glosses, I have Avon's 'twist' lip gloss and it is really good.

There are so many amazing make up brands that I use occassionally, but haven't mentioned in this article. They are Benefit, Red Earth, The Body Shop, MAC and Bobbi Brown. The key is to play around to see which brands suit you and work well with your skin. If you don't know where to start, go to Boots, who have a lot of make up and specialists in store to help you. John Lewis also do the same.

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