Thursday, 12 February 2009

Casual Uni Wear

It can be tough to get ready and look good for uni/college everyday and we all know how tempting it is to just throw on a pair of sweats and boots, or even boots over your pj's. With a few pre though out outfits, it will make it a lot easier to get ready to go to uni. If you look better, you make a better impression to your lecturures and its also a fact that you will be more productive if you look and feel better. Obviously no one is expecting you to look like you're going to a fashion show, but it is important to look good. Here are a few outfits which require little effort to put together and will all be in you wardrobes somewhere.

1) This is an easy one. All you need are a pair of skinny jeans, put together with a cute pair of pumps. Slightly baggy tops go with the skinny jeans perfectly. If its a bit chilly, you can add a nice light cardigan. The jeans are from H&M, the top and cardigan are from Urban Outfitters and the pumps are from Schuh.
uni outfit 1
uni outfit 1 - by sherin88 on

2) The following one also has skinny jeans, but instead of pumps, you can have boots: either ankle or longer ones. You can wear any top on top. With this look, a longer top will look best. To top it off, a blazer or light jacket will look great.
Here I have a pair of skinny's from Urban Outfitters. One top is a t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins and all 3 shoes are from Office. The great thing about this look is that it doesn't matter what kind of boots you wear, they'll all look good. The light coat is from Gap.
uni outfit 2
uni outfit 2 - by sherin88 on
3) This is something that I usually wear on an everday basis. A pair of bootcut jeans are a godsend. The ones below are from H&M. They go with all shoes and tops. In this outfit, I've put in a pair of cowboy boots from New Look. A nice vest or tank top put underneath a nice zipped hoody will go perfect with this look. By zipping only half way up, you can still show off anything amazing you're wearing underneath. The vest is from Abercrombie, and they do do some really pretty vest tops. The hoody is from Hollister. uni3
uni3 - by sherin88 on

4) This is probably the closest to what I wore today. A pair of baggy jeans are definitely a good investment. If you really want to be comfortable at uni, they're a great alternative to sweats. These ones are from Abercrombie. A tight top compliments the baggy jeans. New Look have some great tops and they come in loads of different colours. A nice scarf gives this look a lightly more girly feel to it. I have a long stripped on, like the one below from Accessorize, and you can wear it however you want. The best shoes with baggy jeans are Converses or Vans. uni4
uni4 - by sherin88 on

5) This is a look I want to be flaunting as soon as it gets a little bit warmer. Its really easy to put together. All you need is a short skirt (or long if you want), like this one form Abercrombie, and just pair it off with a pair of leggings or tights, which we all have. Then just add a cute top, like the one below, from Gap. Shoes are easy with is. Add pumps, like the black ones below from Office, or even boots, and you're all set to go.
uni5 - by sherin88 on

6) The next few are slightly more summery, and will be perfect for going for lunches in the park after the lectures. A pair of Skechers are perfect casual shoes. I make it a rule to always have at least one pair of them. They go great with a pair of combats or crops, like the ones below, both from Dorothy Perkins. Cropped trousers are great as you can wear them lose, or you can tie them up just below the knee, which I do when I wear them. A nice bright top finishes off the set nicely. This ones is also from Dorothy Perkins. Both Dorothy Perkins and New Look have some great summery clothes, so it'll be worth checking them out soon.
uni6 - by sherin88 on

7) I love this one. I think its an adorable look. A nice summery dress (both from New Look), along with a nice light cardigan, like this red one from H&M. Its an effortless look and takes no time to put together. You can finish off this look with a cute pair of pumps, like the ones below from Dorothy Perkins, or a pair of ankle boots, like the ones from Office.
uni7 - by sherin88 on

8) I like to call this one the 'Leia Look'. I know Leia will want me to try this look when it gets warmer, and I honestly can't wait. I've been wearing a few skirts lately and am loving them. Put together with a bright, flowey top, and its an amazing summer look. A pair of pumps, again, will look great here, but I think I'll give the look my own touch and add a pair of Converses. The pink skirt below is from New Look and the other two are from Dorothy Perkins. The green top is also from Dorothy Perkins and the brownish one is from H&M. The black pumps are from Office.
uni8 - by sherin88 on

These are just a few cool and casual outfits for uni. They are all easy to put together and don't require you to buty too much, as most of the items are already probably in your wardrobe.

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Anonymous said...

I'm lovin the different types of shoes, you can never have enough! And i agree you can still look cool and at the same time casual for uni. Lovin the work girls, keep it up. Moymun. x

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