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Things no girl should live without

Things no girl should live without
Leia's had her say on wardrobe essential, well, here's mine. There are lots of things that every girl needs, such as make up and good shoes, but here is a list of pure necessities that no girl should live without. They are useful things that can add something special to an outfit.

A fab pair of jeans
A great pair of jeans fit you amazingly and should make you feel like a star, as well as being super comfy. There is no rule what they should look like and the perfect pair is different for everyone. My favourite pair is a pair of baggy boy cut jeans I bought from French Connection, that literally go with every top I own. They also look great and add that special touch when I wear them. There are so many different pair of jeans out there that there is something for absolutely everyone. I would recommend Levis. I have a pair from there and they fit beautifully. The ones in the picture below are a perfect example of how good Levis can look. The jeans all look good and you can customise them however you want to give it your own unique look. American Eagle also have some great stuff. Although they only have shops in America, its worth taking a look at the website and maybe ordering online. If not, next time you're in the States, definitely pop in to one of their shops.
There is also no rule saying that your perfect pair has to be expensive. You can get some great stuff out there from cheaper stores. I bought a pair of jeans about 3 years ago for £10, and they still look good and fit great. So go out there and explore, and you’ll find the perfect pair.

1 piece of expensive jewellery
Be it a necklace from Tiffany & Co, or a small gold ring, a piece of expensive jewellery is one thing that no girl should be without. When wearing it, you should feel like a million dollars. It should not be too ‘blingy’, but instead should be light and classic whilst adding a little sparkle to your outfit. I wouldn’t recommend you wear everyday to college and university, but you should keep it for special occasions. Personally, I love the jewellery from Tiffany & Co. They are elegant and absolutely gorgeous. The necklaces especially are amazing to look at and make you look great when you wear them.

A warm hoodie
For me, hoodies, or fleece jumpers, are probably the most comfortable piece of clothing you can have. With winter here, hoodies are perfect. There are two different kinds. One is for wearing at home. It should be large and comfortable for wearing during the longs and cold chilly nights. A great recommendation is to take one from an older brother or a boyfriend. Because they are large, you can cuddle up in them. The second type is for wearing out. Most of my friends never wear hoodies to university or whenever we go out shopping or hanging out. However, you can get some great ones these days that look really fashionable, but also keep you warm. You can also look really cute in them. Abercromie and Hollister do the best ones. They look really cool and fit really well. Both shops do them in so many different colours, that if you get a nice small pink one, you can look really nice and girly, but also stay warm.

A classic watch
I love my watch and can’t imagine my life without it. It is Nina Ricci, and has a plain black leather strap, with a grey and silver clock face. It is beautiful and what a classic watch should be. A classic watch is something that looks good now, but will still look just as good in 20 years time. It is also something you can wear to college, as well as to a formal party. By keeping the design simple, its gives the watch it’s elegant and classic look, and doe not draw too much attention to itself.
TagHeuer and Breguet do amazing ones. They both have lots of different models and they do some really different designs as well. Both TagHeuer and Breguet are really expensive though, but they will most likely last a lifetime.
For a more affordable option, I recommend Armani. The watches are still classics that also look great on your arms. I would say here to avoid really cheap watches, as in my experience, they don’t last as long. Although expensive watches are, well, expensive, it is totally worth because they will last ages.

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