Sunday, 30 April 2017

First Time Skiing

After a few months, I am back :)

Bear with me for a few days while I get some brand spanking new posts sorted, but in the meantime, check out what I've been up to over at Travelista Barbie. I went skiing twice while I was away, so check out my top tips for new skiers here.

Sherin xx

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Brother's Wedding Part 3

The third, and final day, of my brother's wedding was the real party. This is the day that the guest doubled in size and we were really able to dress up.

 photo 2016-12-17 17.10.57_zps9s5x2aqn.jpg

Believe it or not, this was my first time wearing a sari. It was not easy! My mum got it sewn up so it was easier to wear, but there was still a lot of wrapping and pinning up to do. Apart from not being able to walk on stairs, wearing a sari was a lot easier than I thought it'd be actually.

And I am super excited to wear this one over and over again. I loved the green, black and silver mix of colours. I made sure that my matching jewellery was black or silver so that the whole look matched.

 photo 2016-12-17 17.10.46_zpsqtdwwpyl.jpg

And a close up of the hair and make up. Again. I used Reyamore, and she once again did a fantastic job. The make up matched everything else really well and gave me an added air of elegance.

 photo 2016-12-17 16.16.02_zpsi62quhty.jpg

 photo 2016-12-17 17.11.38_zpsy8moscmx.jpg

Sherin xx

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Keeping Warm

It really has been super cold recently. The last week especially, in London, was particularly freezing, to the point where I had to wear my ski thermals underneath my work outfits.

Lucky for me, fur lined shoes are keeping my feet super warm and my new pair from Ozalia Australia are keeping me going.

 photo 2017-01-28 15.15.15_zpspwupwyic.jpg

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Ozalia Australia

 photo 2017-01-28 15.15.12_zps6ybm5yj3.jpg

I am such a sucker for fur lined boots - they are such an essential in the winter, especially these London winter's. I just can't get over how warm these kept my feet while I've been lounging around the last few days. In fact, these ones are lined with a special fleece that make these are warmest fur lined boots around - Ozalia Australia boots even come with the Ozalia 'Warmest Boot Guarantee'. So if these aren't the warmest sheepskin boots you've tried, you can get your money back.

 photo 2017-01-28 15.15.06_zpsplg5cj1h.jpg

They are super comfortable as well as being good quality. I've been wearing them around and the fur and general feeling of the boots are just great. Not to mention they are a lot more affordable than some of the other similar shoes in the market.

 photo 2017-01-28 15.14.54_zpsqzibtutf.jpg

As you can see, it was a bit of a wet day when I wore them. These boots are actually equipped with Water and Stain Resistant Technology, so your feet will stay dry no matter how wet it is.

 photo b396307a-76e9-4791-a8f6-75a84070c101_zps8fglc9za.jpg

How are you keeping warm?

Sherin xx

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